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Booking system for watersports centres

eola is the go-to booking platform for watersports centres in the UK. We handle the admin so you can spend more time in the water!

Image of 2 people kayaking and illustrations of eola's booking system for watersports centres
Illustration of the eola resource management tool for Ski Centres

No more overbookings

Keeping track of equipment for different watersports activities can be a headache, specially while running multiple classes and managing instructors.

eola provides real-time visibility of your gear and instructor availability, so you’re never overbooked and can make the most of your resources.

Real-time equipment tracking

Rent out extra equipment

Automated availability updates

Waivers that won't slow you down

Getting customers to sign safety documents before their adventure often ends in last-minute waiver signing and delayed classes, but not with eola!

Our online waivers are integrated into each booking so customers are reminded to sign them in advance, making check-in a breeze and ensuring all legal requirements are sorted before they get in the water.

Automated reminders and notifications

Online waivers and questionnaires

AI questionnaire checker

Illustration of some of the security areas eola booking system covers such as online waivers and online questionnaires
Illustration of the eola resource management tool for Ski Centres

Make the most out of your gear

We keep track of your equipment so you can rent out spare gear without worrying about overbooking. This means walk-ins can grab a board on the spot, and you can relax knowing you won't need it for a class or booking coming up!

Generate more revenue with the same gear you already have and attract more customers!

Rent out unused equipment

POS integrated with your calendar

Automated calendar and availability updates

"With eola, we have everything we need in one place. It speeds up the process and gives people more time in the water!"

“eola has definitely made my life easier. Transitioning to eola made our online booking system quicker and simpler to use. The ability to book out and block out resources ensures we can’t overbook sessions or double book equipment - this quickly became a key feature used within our centre.
The customer service is the shining point of eola. Quick, friendly, helpful, and easy to access."

Connor Maroney Wokingham Waterside Centre

eola booking system for water centres illustration

Keep your customers coming back

Memberships help generate revenue year-round, even during slower seasons. Plus, they foster loyalty and encourage customers to spread the word about your awesome activities.

Turning guests into members has never been easier. We offer a variety of membership plans so you and your customers can choose what works best. Our automated billing system handles everything, complete with alerts and notifications, so you don't have to worry about chasing payments!

Rolling or fixed-term plans

Add discounts and rewards

Optional sign up fees and trial periods

Illustration of eola's memberships feature for activity centres
Illustration of the eola calendar dashboard with a week's overview of an activity centre bookings

Your water centre calendar at a glance

Keeping track of bookings and instructor schedules shouldn’t be a full-time job. With eola, you get a live overview of your centre’s bookings, schedules and updates so you can easily edit and manage everything from one platform.

Instructors have unique permissions and calendars. This provides a clear view of their assigned sessions, allowing for quick access to important activity information, and enhancing both security and operational control.

Access booking and class information with 1 click

Manage instructor profiles, qualifications and availability

Customise access permissions for each member

A booking experience designed for your customers

Our user-centric design makes booking simple and clear for anyone, on any device. It's quick and easy for you and your team to add, edit, and update activities, giving you full control and autonomy - no need to be tech-savvy!

eola seamlessly integrates with your website so customers can complete their booking without being redirected to another page, improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction!

Multilingual booking system

Easy integration with your existing website

Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay

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Your questions

Transparency is at the heart of eola. If you don’t see your question below, get in touch  with our team.

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