eola | Learn more about your business eola booking system | Understand more about your business with smart reporting

Learn more about your business

Get actionable insights from your bookings and make smart decisions for your business.

Track performance

Understand more about your business performance with booking reports for your products.

Track booking volume

View revenue and refunds

Add unique reporting codes

Know your customer

Use insight into your customers to guide your marketing and sales strategy.

View customer life time value

View av booking value and party size

Filter customers by purchases

Track customer behaviour

Add your Google analytics and Facebook Pixel to eola to track your customers in real-time with one-click integration.

See your customer demographics

Track customer booking behaviour

Follow from ad click to checkout

Easily exportable

All of the reports in eola are easy to filter and export so you can import them to any other tools you use.

Complete your reconciliation

Power your marketing

Present to your team

Switching has never been easier

eola is simple to learn and easy to use. Get set up and trading in hours, not weeks.