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Empower your team with eola

Ditch the shared spreadsheets. Give your team a real-time view of your bookings and schedule with eola.

Instructor profiles

Invite new team members and get them set up in minutes. No long waits or complexity.

Unlimited instructor accounts

Add qualifications

Add capabilities

Assign to sessions

eola can include your instructors when it calculates your availability.

Add or remove from bookings

Availability updated automatically

Alerts when instructors are needed

Instructor calendars

Busy schedule? Every instructor has their own version of the calendar on eola.

View assigned sessions

View assigned bookings

Alerts for new bookings

User permissions

eola gives you the control to manage your GDPR obligations effectively.

Enterprise security protocols

Tiered user permissions

Easy to change and update

Switching has never been easier

eola is simple to learn and easy to use. Get set up and trading in hours, not weeks.