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Designed for activities & experiences

Let eola manage your bookings, schedule and paperwork so you can focus on your customer.

Boost your bookings

Add eola to your website or front desk to take bookings and enjoy sky-high conversion rates!

Omnichannel booking widget

Mobile optimised

Real time availability

Automate your availability

Stop juggling bookings against equipment and instructors. Set up your activities and let eola manage it all for you.

Add instructors and equipment

Schedule and capacity managed

Real time alerts and updates

Manage waivers online

Protect your business without the paperwork. Get waivers and health questionnaires completed online before the customers arrive!

Booking reminders

Online waivers

Online questionnaires

Simple booking management

Save hours of time and improve your customer's experience with easy updates and automated alerts.

Automated customer comms

Locate bookings with search

Edit, reschedule or refund with ease