eola | eola booking solutions | The best rental booking system in the eola booking system | See how a highly flexible rental system can help your business

Increase revenue with rentals

Rent out your equipment easily with a bespoke rental booking system on eola.

Flexible set up

Let. your customers book the equipment they want for the duration that suits their day.

Set min and max durations

Set rentable intervals

Price the rental by interval

Self-serve bookings

Cut your admin by up to 60% with a self-serve booking flow that shows your customers your real-time availability.

Real-time availability

Multi-item select

Entirely self-serve

Automate availability

Once you have set up your equipment inventory, eola manages the rest for you.

Never worry about being overbooked

Equipment availability fully automated

Staff alerts and notifications

Manage waivers online

Ditch the paper and complete waivers and health questionnaires before arrival.

Online waivers

Online questionnaires

Alerts for unsigned documents

Switching has never been easier

eola is simple to learn and easy to use. Get set up and trading in hours, not weeks.