eola | Booking system for the adventure and leisure industry Booking system for the adventure and leisure industry

Booking system for the adventure and leisure industry

eola is the all-in-one software that helps operators manage their activity centre, boost revenue, and spend more time offering exceptional experiences.

Image of a group of people surfing with their hands up in the airs and illustrations of eola's booking system for the adventure and leisure industry

A booking experience made for you and your customers

eola is an online ticketing and activity management system designed to make it easy for your customers to book their next adventure and for you to manage your team's daily operations—all from one platform!

With everything running smoothly through eola, you’ll find it easier than ever to offer more experiences and generate more revenue while focusing on doing what you love.

Say goodbye to the headaches of paperwork and manual management and hello to more time, happy customers, and increased profits!

Illustration of the eola's online ticketing and activity manager software
Illustration of the eola rental management tool for Kayak Centres

Your activity centre calendar at a glance

Keeping track of bookings and instructor schedules shouldn’t be a full-time job. With eola, you get a live overview of your centre’s bookings, schedules and any updates so you can easily edit and manage everything from one platform.

Instructors have unique permissions and calendars. This provides a straightforward and clear view of their assigned sessions, allowing for a quick access to important activity information, and enhancing both security and operational control.

"eola has cut down paperwork massively! It's such an easy platform to use, we're very pleased we made the move"

"eola has noticeably cut down our admin time and made our processes a lot slicker. Not just at the front end but the back end too, in terms of reporting and configuring our accounts."

Clive Marshall Active Nation

Active Nation using eola booking system
Illustration of some of the apps available on eola for activity centres

Make the platform your own

We're constantly updating eola to ensure our product meets the evolving needs of your business.

On our app store, you can pick and choose only the features you need. This keeps your experience simple and tailored just for you.

No clutter, no confusion—just what you need, when you need it.

We keep track of your gear

We know how challenging it can be to manually cross-check your equipment availability against bookings, classes and instructor schedules.

No need to worry about that any more! eola provides real-time visibility of equipment and instructor availability so you’re never overbooked and can make the most out of your spare gear!

Illustration of the resource management feature on eola for activity centres

Solutions made for you

Select your industry and discover how eola can hep your business thrive.

Your questions

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