What we do

eola is a complete booking and management platform for experience providers. We enable businesses to automate their processes - from taking bookings to resource management - while significantly increasing their revenue. Our cutting edge technology make it easy to manage all day-to-day admin so our partners can save valuable time to focus on delivering outstanding experiences.

Launched in 2020, the eola marketplace aims to get more people outdoors and experiencing new adventures. The experience marketplace is powered by the eola booking system, not only making it easier for customers to find new experiences but also ensuring real-time availability and faster than ever booking flows.

Why eola stands as unique

Every feature we’ve built - from the smallest to the largest - has been carefully constructed on the same belief. That our platform should be better than a selection of tools. They should be unified as a beautifully simple system that is a delight to use.

Whether you’re on a phone in a field, a tablet on a beach, or a laptop at home, eola is designed to work perfectly on any device, any time, anywhere.

To make that all happen the co-founders started to build the team that is now the most important part of eola.

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The eola founders

Eola was founded in a flat in silicon roundabout in September 2017 by two guys inspired by their own desire to experience more during their free time. Together they are reshaping the future of online bookings in experiential tourism.

Daniel Steele

CTO & Founder
Experienced engineer and driving technologist. Numerous previous roles as founder, CXO and engineer.

Callum Hemsley

CEO & Founder
Experienced product and strategy leader. Previously founding team & head of product at Fabrily, and senior manager at Teespring.

The eola team

During the last year the eola team grew from 3 people in the beginning of 2019 to 11 people in the beginning of 2020. We are a diverse team unified by our vision and mission at eola.


Maria Rangin

Head of Marketing
Experienced marketer, previously built marketing from the ground up for 5 high growth tech startups.

Tarhana Islam

Head of Partner Success
First partner success hire with previous experience delivering success and process in high growth tech companies.

Besma Belfadil

Partnerships Lead
Experienced sales lead, previously managing sales teams in different companies and countries.

Freya Merritt

Previously responsible for content creation at tech start-up Flavr with a passion for digital.

Anna Lane

Former TEFL teacher with a passion for content creation, languages and copywriting.

Joanna Mills

Previous experience from working accounts at top tier PR agency.


Simon George

Senior Back-end
Experienced senior engineer, previously CTO at Joblab for three years before joining eola.

Jaime Caballero

Senior Front-end
Front-end designer, previously agency owner, worked with Nike & Dyson among other brands.

Tom Harpur

Back-end engineer, extreme sports enthusiast and previously CTO at VC before joining eola.

Our story

eola started from the founders’ own frustrations with the booking experience. When they started speaking to businesses in the industry, it quickly became clear that there was a significant need for more options to come online.

85% of the bookings in the industry are still taken offline via time intensive processes causing friction with consumers and high drop-off rates. Even a small business is likely to spend more than a collective 10 hours per day managing incoming bookings and easily automated administration, costing them many thousands every year.

If you want to order a pizza, or book a flight or hotel, you don’t call or email, you look online. We want to bring that same ease of flow to the experience industry in a way that removes the hassle of administration.

Our booking and management system is a fast, simple and efficient solution to make it easier than ever for businesses to come online with just a couple of clicks.

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