We are eola

We’re connecting activity centres with
modern-day enthusiasts.
It’s a team of 4 working really hard, not a giant company.
We are here to reduce stress and increase revenue.
We are here to build a beautiful platform to help you manage your business.
We want you to have more customers, more easily than ever before.
We want to know who you are, and we want you to know us.
We want you to be able to count with us so we thrive on a quality product.


The Design Guy

He is the reason eola is beautiful. He spends his days making sure the site is incredibly usable and clean and that it loads and runs smoothly,


Tech nerd

His mission is to give you every feature and tool you ever wanted. He keeps the site running beautifully and rapidly expanding with the great ideas you bring to us. His first surf trip was with two of our partners last year. It went about as well as it could…


Man with a plan

His dream is to make the world of adventure sports more popular than football. He spends his time reaching out to every business he can find, talking to people, and trying to sell his vision. He is also a terrible surfer, but don’t tell him that...

Our mission

eola started from our frustration as adventure sport enthusiasts with the booking processes across the industry. But it found its feet when we spoke to the business owners.

If you want to order a pizza, or book a flight or hotel, you don’t reach for the phone, you go on the internet.

We want to bring that same easy of flow to the adventure sport industry in a way that removes the hassle of administration. To do that, we need to work with y’all. Whether you are someone who runs a centre, runs activities, partakes in activities, or wants to. We want to know what you think, so we can build the right thing.

Our cost structure ensures that we will only be sustainable when we reach a point of having enough people on board, which is great. It means that the only way for us to survive is to prove we’re worth it.

There are no commitments or contracts, and no costs beyond a transaction fee. We want you to be able to sign up and look around whenever you want, without worrying about your existing system, or feeling forced to move across. The more of you who take a look and give us feedback, the more we learn. eola might not be right for you today, but think about tomorrow.