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The eola GBR Series

Showcasing the UK's finest skiers through an epic national event

At eola, our mission is to support the activity industry, and thus empower the next generation of snowsports talent.

Running throughout the summer in partnership with Snowsport England, Snowsport Wales, and Snowsport Scotland, the eola GBR series is an opportunity for the country’s most talented skiers to compete, with age categories ranging from under-10s all the way through to Master’s. Competitions are split into an outdoor series and an indoor series, held on some of the UK’s finest artificial slopes.

Entries can be attained via the GB Ski platform. All events are free for supporters to attend - no need to book in advance.

We spoke to Robin Kellen, Chief Executive of Snowsport Wales, and Tim Fawke, Chief Executive of Snowsport England, at the first meet of the GBR series in Llandudno, to find out more about how their respective governing bodies are helping to foster the next generation of snowsports talent.

The Junior Surf Series will bring together young surfers to compete, as well as provide training to enable more clubs to run competitive programmes in the future. The series will supply clubs with event equipment, training for volunteers, scoring technology, prizes, social coverage, plus heaps of enthusiasm and support.

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