Hiring summer staff for your activity centre? Here’s all you need to know

by Mason Hiestand

The arrival of summer comes with the great opportunity to hire new seasonal staff for the activity industry. However, this can be very challenging for most businesses to deal with. eola is here to make your business run smoother and easier with our booking system.

Why is it so hard?

Seasonal onboarding presents difficult challenges due to the rapid turnover of new hires. Seasonal hiring typically begins with onboarding, which must happen quickly, leaving little room for the proper onboarding processes. This can disrupt the teaching of important information and training. Between dealing with all the new schedules and finding time to train new employees, the beginning of the season can feel overwhelming.

That’s where eola comes in. We’ve taken the necessary steps to make onboarding and managing your seasonal team a breeze.

Fast employee onboarding

Onboarding for these new employees can take forever, and it ends up making the whole team have to slow down. Our booking system is designed to ensure your new staff can be onboarded in no time. The user-friendly system is easy to use and intuitive, so they will be fully comfortable using it.

You’re in control

On eola, each instructor can have unique permissions and calendars. This means your instructors only see the bookings they are assigned to, allowing your team to be more focused on their specific workload, enhancing productivity and reducing stress. On the same note, you get to share the information you want with who you want, keeping your business safe and following GDPR protocols. The eola system as a whole ensures a simple and clear overview of instructors’ assigned bookings and enhances your operational control.


Easy-to-use scheduling and availability platform

Once new staff is set up, comes the trouble of managing a whole new team with a new set of schedules. This can sound daunting, but don’t worry we got you covered!

On eola, you can set up detailed instructor profiles, which allow you to schedule lessons, track availability, and prevent double bookings with ease. Each instructor then has their own version of the eola calendar, displaying their assigned sessions and bookings, for a simple overview of their week. We also send each instructor notifications and alerts when new bookings that they are assigned to are placed and for any upcoming events, ensuring everyone is up to date with the latest schedule.

Instructor profiles.webp

Work smarter, not harder

Having separate systems to manage your staff often means having to move your information from place to place, and oftentimes, you can get pulled to do something else, making you forget what you were doing in the first place - a hassle!

We know how stressful this can be and we have partnered with Shiftie to give you the best of both worlds! Shiftie is a top-tier staff management system, with key features including employee scheduling & availability, employee management, time tracking & timesheets, absence management, holiday management, and much more. With the eola x shiftie integration you get to enjoy the best of both systems. When you update your team’s availability on Shiftie, your calendar and any other info will automatically update on your eola calendar!

Get ahead of the game

Hiring seasonal summer staff is challenging, and we are here to help make this process easier. Don’t wait until the end of the season and sort out these issues out on your own. Get in touch on our website or request a demo here, and let’s make running your business a piece of cake!

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