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The benefits of the eola marketplace

by Rita Costa

For experience providers looking to enhance their business reach and efficiency, the eola marketplace offers a strategic platform that increases visibility and simplifies bookings. Here are the key advantages of integrating your business with the eola marketplace.

Boost your visibility

The eola marketplace is optimised to appear at the top of search results, directing a new audience of potential customers to your listings. This elevated exposure is ideal for increasing your activity and rental bookings this season.

Reach a new audience

By adding your activities to the eola marketplace, you open your business to a new set of enthusiasts who might not have discovered you otherwise. Users on our platform can search for activities by area or type, exposing your offerings to a diverse audience specifically looking for the experiences you provide.

Simplify connections with customers

Our marketplace is a one-stop-shop where customers can easily find, compare, and book your offerings. This not only improves the customer experience but also streamlines your booking management, allowing you to focus more on providing great experiences.

Seamless booking and integration

Bookings from the marketplace are processed directly through your existing widget, ensuring a smooth and professional customer interaction. This seamless integration helps maintain a streamlined booking flow without any additional steps.

Marketplace fees

We charge an extra 5% transaction fee on bookings made via the marketplace. This fee covers our marketing efforts to promote your activities which drive targeted traffic to your products. You only pay when you gain!

How to set it up

Setting up on the eola marketplace is quick and straightforward. Once enabled, your products are immediately available at, with all marketplace bookings distinctly marked in your reports for easy tracking.

If you already have an eola account:

  1. Head over to your eola Dashboard > Toolset > Apps.
  2. You will find the Marketplace app under the Products tag.
  3. Add the Marketplace app to eola to activate it.
  4. That’s it! Your activity centre will now appear in searches on the eola marketplace!

In the same way, at any time, you can uninstall the Marketplace app by visiting Dashboard > Toolset > Apps and your activities will no longer show up on the eola marketplace.


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