7 brilliant team building activities

by Ed Scott

By helping colleagues get to know each other, a team building day out can boost productivity and improve communication. It’s also a great way to identify and encourage skills like leadership, creativity, and resilience within your company. 

If you’re looking to book a day out for your team, why not head outdoors? Let your colleagues enjoy the benefits of exercising together in the fresh air, all whilst learning an exciting new skill.

Here are 7 activities you can book right now for your team to enjoy!

eola team stand-up paddleboarding
The eola team enjoying a day out in Newquay with Big Green Surf School

Assault course

An assault course is a great way to break down barriers and let everybody get stuck in - literally! Forge new friendships as you clamber, climb, and crawl together through a series of obstacles. 

Where to go

A 30-minute drive from Cardiff, Adventures Wales is home to a muddy assault course guaranteed to get the blood pumping. Whether you’re swinging from monkey bars, tackling vertical walls or navigating a mind-boggling tyre maze, the bond that comes from overcoming a challenge together can’t be beaten. 

adventures wales assault course
Source: Adventures Wales


There’s a reason archery is just so satisfying - with 70,000 years of history behind it, bows and arrows are a part of the human story. Keep your eyes on target and hone your accuracy together in this timeless, team-friendly activity.

Where to go

Head to Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre near Southampton for a 90-minute archery discovery session that’s sure to show you the ropes and put a smile on your team’s faces. If you’re further south west, Cornish Rock Tors offer archery sessions in beautiful Port Isaac, perfect for a company getaway.

If you’re up for something a bit different, head to Battle Archery on the outskirts of Bristol. Combining paintball with archery, it’s a fast-paced team-building activity that requires tactical thinking and strategic collaboration. Plus, it’s just great fun!

battle archery bristol
Source: Battle Archery

Axe throwing

There’s more to hurling axes than meets the eye. From timing the spin of your axe to judging the distance, axe throwing requires accuracy, patience, and a little bit of luck! Experience a primal sense of satisfaction as you land an axe square on target - there’s nothing quite like it.

Where to go

Head to Wokingham Waterside Centre in Reading to give axe throwing a go. A one-hour session includes a group warm up to get those wrists nice and limber, followed by a series of activities designed to test and improve your skills. If you’re in the South West, visit Cornish Rock Tors for an axe throwing session at their dedicated target sports range. 

axe throwing cornish rock tors
Source: Cornish Rock Tors


As a goal-oriented activity which emphasises trust and cooperation, climbing is a fantastic way to bond as a team. It’s also a surefire way to boost self-esteem and encourage your colleagues to overcome a challenge, guaranteeing a deep sense of accomplishment. 

Where to go

Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre near Southampton is a great place to give climbing a go for the first time. Their 90-minute ‘Discover Climbing’ session shows you everything you need to know to get started. 

If you fancy more of a challenge, head to Kirriemuir in Angus, Scotland, where Jim and the Sup2Summit team can show you the ropes on some fantastic climbing spots in the great outdoors. 

rock climbing kirriemuir.png
Source: Sup2Summit

Kayaking and canoeing

Communication is key to the success of any business, so if it’s flowing conversation you’re after, take to flowing water! Kayaking and canoeing offer a sense of adventure at a relaxed, easy pace. Let your team unwind and work together to explore a waterway near you. 

Where to go

The great thing about kayaking and canoeing is that you can do them pretty much anywhere there’s water. From the open ocean to a quiet country stream, wherever you are in the UK there’s guaranteed to be a great paddling spot within reach. 

Take a look at our articles on places to go paddling near London, in the South of England, and in Essex and Norfolk for some inspiration.

whoosh explore sawbridgeworth hertfordshire
Source: Whoosh Explore

Stand-up paddleboarding

Otherwise known as SUP, stand-up paddleboarding is the activity of the moment, and it’s not hard to see why. Easy to pick up and immediately relaxing, this tranquil, accessible activity is a fantastic way to explore nature together. 

Where to go

Just like kayaking and canoeing, SUP is doable just about anywhere. Whether you’re in London and the surrounding counties or Scotland, the South West or the rolling hills of Sussex, you’re sure to find a local SUP school to show you the best local spots. 

big green surf school team eola monster sup
Source: Big Green Surf School


Also known as donutting, tubing is a straightforward activity - sit in the tube, go down the slope, repeat! But don’t let its simplicity fool you, because this activity is about as fun as it gets! 

Where to go

If you’re in the South of England, head to Alpine Snowsports in Aldershot or Southampton for a tubing session that’s sure to leave a smile on your face. Alternatively, head to Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre, a 15-minute train ride from the heart of the city. 

tubing donutting alpine snowsports southampton
Source: Alpine Snowsports Southampton

By strengthening relationships and encouraging collaboration and friendly competition, a day out together can revitalise your team. We hope this article has helped inspire you to book a team building day in the great outdoors!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, head to the eola marketplace to find and book your next adventure. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all the latest fantastic activities to try. 

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