10 wonderful experience gifts this Christmas

by Anna Lane

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present? Give someone an awesome experience this year! Get a voucher for an adventure activity and gift an epic experience to someone you care about. Why not join in on the excitement and book yourself into the session too?

From high adrenaline kitesurfing adventures to incredible hot air balloon rides, there is something out there for everyone. We’ve listed 10 great experiences for that perfect Christmas gift.

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1. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)

SUP is a great experience gift, suitable for all ages and abilities. There are many wonderful places to SUP in the UK, from stunning, beautifully winding rivers to pristine lakes and tranquil coastal bays. After only a short lesson, it is possible to be standing up on the board and gliding along the water. Apart from the impressive health benefits, it is ideal for exploring the outdoors and for sightseeing. There is an unbelievable sense of excitement when paddling through secluded waterways and discovering hard to reach hidden gems. It’s a fantastic activity to do with loved ones and an amazing bonding experience.

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2. Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing offer brilliant adventures. Gift someone a wonderful day out exploring and enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors. Paddling is an incredible way to get closer to nature and admire the extraordinary surrounding wildlife. Kayaking and canoeing help the body and mind to stay both happy and healthy. You can choose between experiences for those who love high adrenaline excitement or a more tranquil nature exploration. There’s everything from relaxing paddles along calm and beautiful canals to plunging down rapids and waterfalls on a wild water kayak.

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3. Kitesurfing and Surfing

Kitesurfing and surfing are both high adrenaline sports, great if you are looking to gift the ultimate thrill-seeking experience. In kitesurfing, the feeling of harnessing the wind and gliding along the water at high speeds is truly amazing. It gives this sense of freedom and exhilaration. When surfing, waiting patiently and then finally catching the perfect wave induces an incredible adrenaline rush. In both sports, being in the ocean allows people to connect with nature on a different level and serves as an excellent mental release. They are very diverse and offer endless unique opportunities. There are always more tricks to try, more waves to catch and more stunning beaches and bays to explore. 

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4. Snowboarding and Skiing 

If you are missing out on a skiing holiday this year, fear not as there plenty of dry ski slope places around the UK. They offer the extraordinary chance to experience the thrill of gliding down the slopes all year round without having to venture to the mountains. It is a brilliant opportunity, either for beginners who want to gain confidence, or for the more experienced to perfect their skills. For the competitive people out there, there is even the possibility to try slalom racing. They will have the most fantastic time practising carving and feeling the buzz of racing through the gates! Snowboarding is great to practice cool tricks and flips, so ideal for people looking to mix things up and try some freestyle.

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5. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Flying in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable adventure that is both unique and special. It’s a truly magical experience to gift a loved one. The feeling of flying in the sky is so liberating and offers a chance to enjoy the spectacular views of the stunning British countryside. Rising above the clouds will bring a sense of silence and calmness. It also provides the opportunity to witness the most beautiful sunsets. A camera will definitely be needed on board, to capture these breathtaking views forever! It is also an incredibly intimate experience and great for bonding with friends and family. 

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6. Coasteering 

Coasteering is one of the most exciting and liberating extreme sports that you can gift this Christmas. It combines various different adventure activities all into one sport. The journey starts with hiking to the initial starting point on the coastline, then scrambling across sea-level boulders, jumping into the sea and wild swimming back to dry land. Varying tides will bring different challenges and so it is essential to keep alert at all times. It’s a great way to get closer to the large array of local wildlife, including both land and sea animals. If you know someone who loves to explore, they will have the chance to discover the coastline in a unique way and admire the many stunning dramatic cliffs, hidden bays and crystal clear waters. 

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7. Mountaineering 

Mountaineering serves a great sense of adventure and the challenges faced will provide a fantastic bonding experience. As it combines hiking, walking and climbing, it presents a brilliant physical challenge and mental strength exercise. The sense of a connection to nature is extraordinary when trekking over the most magical landscape and higher into the clouds. Nothing compares to the achievement felt when finally reaching the top and seeing that once in a lifetime picturesque view. Reaching the summit will lead to a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation. There is also an amazing feeling of comradery within the group of climbers as everyone tackle the challenges together. 

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8. Assault course

An assault course is an amazing opportunity to gift someone looking to challenge themselves. It requires both physical and mental strength to get over the wide array of different obstacles faced. They can expect to be tested on multiple disciplines such as the ability to run, jump, crawl, climb and problem solve. Nothing compares to the thrill of swinging across monkey bars, climbing across walls and cautiously stepping across narrow wooden beams. Although challenging, it is a very rewarding experience and will provide much laughter and long-lasting  memories. 

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9. Fishing

Fishing is a wonderful experience to gift someone who loves the outdoors and being immersed in nature. If you are looking to gift a relaxing experience, it is an excellent chance to unwind. It’s incredibly peaceful and an ideal way to enjoy some serenity by gazing at the ripples of the water and listening to the sounds of wind and the water. At the same time, it is also exciting. The feeling of the resistance in the rod, provides this unbelievable buzz and thrill at the prospect of having caught something! Catching your own fish is very rewarding and more challenging than it appears as it requires a lot of patience. It can be a chance to spend quality time with friends and family, or it is equally ideal for anyone craving some alone time. It serves as an idyllic escape for everyone. 

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10. Axe throwing 

If you are looking to gift an activity that is a bit different this year, why not axe throwing? It is incredibly fun and an increasingly popular sport. Being able to throw a heavy piece of steel into a giant piece of wood is a very effective stress remedy. Whether you know someone managing a busy schedule or just needs a bit of a release, it provides a perfect escape. In the lead up to each throw there is much emphasis on technique, and a lot of concentration required. It is highly satisfying to watch the axe whip through the air and hear the ‘thud’ as it hits the target. Competing against friends is great fun and is definitely something your friends or family are really going to remember.

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These are some of the many experiences available to give as a gift to a loved one this year. Check out our marketplace for the full range of activities we offer.

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