5 places to go skiing in the UK this season

by Anna Lane

Looking for an activity to enjoy when restrictions allow? Even though it might be difficult to go on a ski trip abroad this year, there are plenty of places to go skiing in the UK once lockdown ends. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is a brilliant opportunity to get active and feel the incredible thrill of flying down the slopes.

Embrace the outdoors and experience the fresh air, whilst bonding with friends or family. For inspiration on where to go on your next skiing adventure, we have listed 5 places to go skiing in the UK this season. 

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1. Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre, Cardiff

On this outdoor dry ski slope, you can have a go at skiing, snowboarding or even tubing. Being 100m long, you will have plenty of space to build on and practice your skills. They hold an incredible 11,000 sessions a year for all levels, and even specialise in kids classes such as the ‘mini snow bears’ session. It is an excellent place to practice your tricks with their range of freestyle features including a full stair set, a rainbow rail, whale tail, box, kickers and a quarter pipe. You will be in safe and secure hands as it is managed by an experienced team of staff and instructors.

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2. Alpine Snowsports, Southampton

The Alpine Snowsports Centre in Southampton is a great venue for both new and experienced snowsport fans. With an ideal artificial surface for skiing, snowboarding and donutting, it is an extremely fun day out for all ages. There are many sessions available, whether you are looking for recreational skiing or perfecting your skills, there is something for everyone. All the instructors are highly qualified, very passionate and enthusiastic which will help you progress in no time. The centre is also home to an amazing race team for the more advanced skiers who might be looking to challenge themselves!

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3. Pendle Ski Club, Lancashire

Pendle ski club is a fantastic local club that is member-owned and completely run by volunteers. This means that every penny earned is reinvested back into the infrastructure, ensuring you will have the best facilities possible. You will witness the most spectacular views of the beautiful surroundings as it is located in an awarded Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the heart of the Ribble Valley. There are lessons available for beginners right through to experienced skiers and racers. They even have a race squad who include former members such as Dave Ryding, winter Olympian and currently competing with great success on the World Cup Slalom series.

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4. WGC Ski Race Club, Hertfordshire

Are you looking for a place that specialises in ski race training? WGC Ski race club is a training club based at the dry slope on Gosling Sports Park in Hertfordshire. With the aim to promote the sport of ski racing through fun, skilful and safe training, it's the perfect place to refine your technique. The club focuses on both introducing beginners to the sport and helping established racers develop. You will feel the constant support of their dedicated team of coaches who will help you reach your full potential. They also have a renowned ski race team that competes regionally and nationally. Sessions are held throughout the year on Friday evenings and welcome skiers of all ages, from 6 years old to adults. 

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5. Midland Ski Club, Birmingham

Established in 1965, Midland Ski Club is one of the longest-running ski clubs in Britain. They organise a large range of coaching, amazing holidays, racing and social events for alpine (downhill) enthusiasts of all ages. To ensure as much opportunity to train as possible, they currently run 5 specialised training nights a week, held at two different slopes in Birmingham. These sessions are for those who would like to improve their technical skills and to train using poles or stubbies with racing in mind. You will be ensured top quality tuition as it is a Clubmark (Snowmark) accredited organisation which means it has got a higher standard of welfare, equity, coaching and management. It also has a track record of excellence including current national team representations!

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As you can see, even if your skiing holiday is cancelled this year, you will never be short of places to ski in the UK. Skiing is just one of the many adventure experiences you can get excited about doing when restrictions allow. Check out our marketplace for the full range of experiences we offer. 

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Looking for more fun ways to get outside and get active this year? 

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