10 adventure activities to try in Wales

by Freya Merritt

Are you on the hunt for a new adventure? Wales is well known as a country of dazzling landscapes, friendly faces and pristine nature. So it’s not surprising that it has an abundance of marvellous experiences for you to try. Whether you are looking to surf the Welsh seas or tackle Snowden, we’ve got an experience for you!


Gorge Walking

Explore the Welsh rivers from a different perspective - through them! Gorge Walking involves navigating through the rocky terrain of a mountain stream. You will encounter magnificent waterfalls, pools, rocky steps, chutes, slides, jumps, swims and more. It’s a varied and explorational activity through exquisite natural rock formations. Work as a team to conquer the gorge and enjoy this epic day out! If thrill-seeking is your thing check out more of our high adrenaline activities on offer in Wales.

Where to go: With Adventures Wales, near Cardiff, you will travel to the glorious Brecon Beacons and enjoy a day jumping waterfalls, boulder hopping, cave exploration and taking on the raging river rapids.



Wales is home to the magnificent Snowdonia National Park, a gorgeous protected area of outstanding natural beauty, within it lives Wales's tallest mountain, Snowden. To tackle this mountain in the winter is the perfect introduction to mountaineering as it is less busy and simply stunning. Reaching the summit is an epic experience that'll have you dreaming about your next mountaineering trip.

Where to go: Monster Mountains takes private trips of groups of 4-6 people throughout the winter. If you’re lucky enough to get proper snow cover you’ll learn how to use ice axes and crampons on the trip.



That feeling of catching a wave is like no other, and where better to experience it than Wales? Known for its magnificent long sandy beaches and great surf conditions, covering all abilities, it’s the perfect place to learn or improve. Surfing requires some physical fitness and once you’ve mastered the basics and you're riding the waves there will be no looking back!

Where to go: There are many great places to go surfing in Wales. Experience expertly structured beginner sessions with Porthcawl Surf School at Rest Bay. Conquer the waves with mobile surf school Cressey’s at Rest Bay and Aberavon Beach. Looking for a more mindful experience? Join Waves of Connection for a therapeutic surf session in Porthcawl. Alternatively, join the passionate instructors at Adventures Wales for a session in Porthcawl or embrace the gorgeous Aberystwyth coast with Aber Adventures to ride the waves.


Skiing and snowboarding 

When you can’t get to the physical mountains, a dry slope is a great alternative! The freedom of skiing or snowboarding is like no other. Learn with the whole family and progress together, you’ll be hooked after your first try! Whether you’ve got a trip coming up and you want to learn the basics or you want to polish-up your technique - this is the ideal activity for you. It’s the perfect intro into the sport that provides you with all the knowledge you need.

Where to go: Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre is based just 10 minutes from the centre of Cardiff. With group and private lessons available you’ll be shredding the slopes in no time!


Assault Course

Challenge yourself or work as a team to overcome the tricky obstacles of a timed assault course. Expect a mixture of climbing, crawling, running, jumping and balance skills. A basic level of fitness is beneficial but not essential. Although challenging, it is also an incredibly rewarding experience that’ll have you and your group in fits of laughter. Will you break the course record?

Where to go: Adventures Wales is based in Porthcawl just 20 minutes from Cardiff. Expect mud, laughs and good times. Bring your friends or colleagues along for an awesome experience.


Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP)

SUP is a fantastic and accessible activity that has, unsurprisingly, reached new heights of popularity in 2020. This is largely thanks to its ease and explorational nature, whilst also being a chilled and therapeutic experience. Wales has some glorious locations on offer, so you can paddle whilst enjoying the varied local wildlife and breathtaking scenery. You will be instantly hooked and soon looking for your next SUP adventure. If you haven’t already, give in to the hype - it’s definitely worth it.

Where to go: Go with Aber Adventures and take in the Aberystwyth coastline on a paddleboard, expect stunning views and untouched nature. For a calmer paddle, visit Llandegfedd Lake from a new perspective and enjoy the mindfulness benefits as you explore. Or why not go on a SUP adventure in Tenby with SUP Sessions on the beautiful North Beach? Bring the whole family and try a family SUP session.



Cycling is a fantastic activity which can be as high or as low impact as you want, making it accessible for all. It also provides unlimited freedom and endless routes, whether you’re looking to go off-road or stick to tarmac, there’s a cycling adventure for you. Great for fitness and exploring somewhere new, so join the growing cycling community and there’ll be no looking back!

Where to go: Llyn Brenig offers hire bikes, perfect if you’re deciding whether to make the purchase or not. Get ready to cycle the beautiful trails around Brenig and Alwen this fabulous family day out.



Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of being on the water and let go of any stress as you sail. Take in the surrounding nature and wildlife and explore at your own will. Or for a more action-packed sail, why not try sail racing and push yourself for the win? Whether you’re after a relaxed or a more adrenaline-fueled adventure, sailing will cover your needs. It’s accessible to everyone and only an enthusiasm to try is required. Where will your next sailing trip take you?

Where to go: Llandegfedd Lake Watersports Centre in South Wales specialises in watersports hire and tuition, offering an epic sailing experience whether you're a complete beginner or expert.


Laser clay shooting 

All the fun and excitement of traditional shooting is made safe by firing a harmless infrared beam, taking the danger out and making it an accessible and fun activity for all. You will use an authentic (deactivated) shotgun and challenge yourself to shoot at various targets. This activity is super fun in a group. Who will come out on top? If you enjoy trying unique experiences here’s a few more for you to check out.

Where to go: Llandegfedd Lake near Cardiff and Newport is a gorgeous and peaceful setting, try something new whilst enjoying this beautiful countryside.



Nothing beats the peacefulness and satisfaction of fishing. Whether you are new to angling or more experienced, there is always something for you to try. It’s also accessible for all and provides many health benefits such as increasing your vitamin D intake, reducing stress and keeping you fit. Moreover, angling is a social activity that is best enjoyed with a group of mates. What will be your catch of the day?

Where to go: Llandegfedd Lake near Newport and Cardiff is generously stocked for anglers with both bank and boat fishing available. Or go to Llyn Brenig Lake, in North Wales, which is recognised as one of the best top-of-the-water fisheries in the UK.


Wales is not short of an epic activity or fun day out so we hope this list provides you with some help choosing your next amazing experience! Try something new and embrace the extraordinary in the lush Welsh outdoors. 

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