5 reasons to give watersports a go

by Anna Lane

Are you dreaming about your next adventure after the lockdown? Put watersports on your bucket list this year, for a day out you will never forget. It’s a great chance to get outside, soak up the fresh air and have an amazing time with friends or family. 

If you’re keen on exploring, canoeing, SUP and kayaking offer brilliant opportunities for adventure. If you’re seeking a fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled experience, maybe you should give kitesurfing, surfing or white water rafting a go? These are just some of the many incredible watersports you can book or buy a voucher on the eola marketplace. Get a voucher to have something to look forward to after the lockdown or gift someone you care about this Christmas. For inspiration on activities you can get excited about, we have listed 5 reasons to give watersports a go.

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1. It's great fun

Watersports are extremely fun, and exciting! The indescribable feeling of plunging down waterfalls while going white water rafting, or the thrill of experiencing the power of the wind while kitesurfing, are just some examples of what awaits you. 

Watersports can also be a great bonding experience. There is something amazing about completing a new challenge alongside friends or family, and you will have the opportunity to meet an ever-growing watersports community. Surfing has a community of over 23 million people and SUP is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. 

If you want to experience a wonderful new way to explore the outdoors, kayaking and canoeing are perfect activities to help you connect with nature and your surroundings. You can paddle along tranquil waterways and discover beautiful hidden locations. 

Once you give watersports a go, you’ll be hooked, seeking more stunning bays to discover, waves to catch and wild adventures to encounter!

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2. It's great exercise 

Watersports are great for improving your fitness and getting your heart pumping. It’s easy to forget you are even exercising when you are caught up in the amazing thrill of the adventure. You will quickly improve your aerobic fitness, strength and stability.

For a balanced low impact body workout; swimming is perfect, using nearly every muscle in your body. It can also help you increase the strength in your lungs and heart, which is essential for your overall health. Other low impact sports such as SUP, canoeing and kayaking offer great cardio and will increase muscle strength in your back, arms and shoulders, while building up your core and balance. 

High impact sports such as surfing are also centred around core strength and balance while giving you a complete body workout. in particular, kitesurfing and windsurfing do require some basic fitness and upper body strength.

When choosing which watersport to try, you can find the sport most suited to your fitness needs.

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3. Good for the mind and body

Watersports are a great stress relief, perfect for keeping you happy and healthy. The adrenaline, oxygen and sunlight all play a role in lifting your spirits, improving your mood and increasing your energy levels. 

Canoeing, kayaking, and SUP are beneficial for relaxation and calming your mind. Paddling gently across beautiful waterways and spending time observing the wildlife and the serenity of the moving water is ideal for collecting your thoughts and relieving any stress.

Being immersed in nature and listening to the constant flowing of the water and the sea breeze will make you feel relaxed and can help to soothe your mind.

High adrenaline sports such as surfing, kitesurfing and coasteering are great for switching off from the stress of the outside world and increasing your self-esteem and confidence as you push yourself to new levels. 

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4. You can do it anywhere, any time of year

One of the most amazing things about watersports today is their accessibility - they are available anywhere and any time. 

UK boasts long and breathtaking coastlines all around, offering great surf conditions and sailing opportunities all year long. You can find the perfect places all the way from Scotland in the north, Cornwall in the south and Wales in the west. Wild swimming is also amazing for exploring the stunningly beautiful array of bays and estuaries as well as clear lakes and rivers that the UK has to offer. 

You can go SUP, canoeing or kayaking along the many stunning canals, rivers and lakes across the UK year-around too. There’s even a lot of brilliant places available in central London, offering sessions and paddle experiences along the sometimes hidden and beautifully leafy canals around the city.

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5. Total Freedom 

There’s a liberating feeling of setting off and exploring any waterways you would like. Every new activity you try provides a new and thrilling experience. One day you can SUP along calm flat waterways, the next day go white water canoeing or try a kayak adventure at sea. 

Watersports offer a great way to delve into secluded, untouched areas often inaccessible by land. Learning how to sail can open up new opportunities to go on longer trips and get to explore even more of the UK coastline and waterways.

Surfing and kitesurfing offer another type of freedom. To learn how to conquer the waves and winds to fly across the water is extremely liberating. Getting that wonderful sense of accomplishment while spending time in beautiful surroundings is truly amazing.

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These are just a few of the many reasons why you should try watersports this year! If this has inspired you to get out on the water, check out the many experiences we offer on our marketplace.

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