3 spooky activities to try this Halloween

by Anna Lane

Halloween is here again! And it's the perfect time to embrace your fears and have tonnes of fun. It will be a bit different this year with the current restrictions in place. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate and enjoy some incredibly thrilling and spooky activities. Scare yourself silly by listening to the terrifying ghost stories of the past or take the opportunity to try a new adventure whilst bonding with friends and family. To give you some spooky inspiration, we have listed 3 haunting Halloween experiences to try this year.

Halloween moon and orange sky

1. Halloween Ghost Tour

Discover the dark history of London this Halloween and join a Ghost Tour with London Mystery Walks. You will be guided through eerie haunted locations including a graveyard as well as the sites of famous murders. It’s a chance to visit some of London’s active paranormal locations and listen to the frightening ghost stories of the lost souls of the past. You will even witness the original crime scenes of Jack the Ripper, London’s most renowned serial killer. Explore a hidden world of secrets as you walk through the dimly lit streets of Whitechapel while being transported back in time to 19th century London. You will be guided by Paul Mansfield, an expert in London's darkest and deepest secrets who has helped make four TV documentaries on Jack the Ripper. 

London Mystery Walks runs sessions all year round, from Jack the Ripper tours, ghost and executions tours, to chocolate tasting tours and ethnic food tours. 
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2. Kayaking Night Trip

Looking for a calmer experience this Halloween? Visit Emerald Outdoors, who offers unique bioluminescent kayaking night trips in the stunning Kenmare Bay in Ireland. Explore the beautiful Irish countryside from a new perspective. This journey will take you on a new adventure, paddling through tranquil moonlit waters, under a starry sky. Experience the amazing mix of kayaking, nature, nighttime and the beautiful light of millions of tiny bioluminescent organisms in the water. Watch the landscape become animated at night and keep your eyes peeled for rare wild seals. If you are looking for a magical and mystical nighttime experience this Halloween, this is a great choice. 

Emerald Outdoors also offers day tours around Kenmare Bay, which run throughout the winter and summer. 

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    3. Halloween Horror Hike

    Looking for the fright of your life this Halloween? Explore the darkest and deepest secrets of the North Yorkshire Moors by going on a guided Halloween Horror Hike with Robustours. Run by John Beamson, an ex British Army soldier, who creates events aimed to challenge you and make you push yourself to your limits. You’ll be trekking an amazing 11 miles over uneven and rough terrain, through some dark eerie woodland into the unknown. Watch your back, and make sure you are ready to run for it because you will be followed and you will be tested. Your hike starts at the 3000-year-old Scarborough Castle, with a bone-chilling history that is not for the faint-hearted. This is a perfect chance to face your fears and come out stronger at the other side! Are you brave enough to take on this adventure? 

    Robustours also offer a series of long-distance hikes, running all year round, such as the 50,000 step challenge happening in February, a perfect way to challenge yourself for the new year! 

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    These are just some of the many activities you can still enjoy on Halloween this year. Check out our marketplace for a full range of activities we offer. 

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