10 awesome activities for you to look forward to!

by Anna Lane

In difficult times like these it's important to keep dreaming of what we will do when this period ends - and we know it will end. Being stuck in lockdowns, quarantines and self-isolation can easily start to wear you down, making it essential to have new exciting things to look forward to. We've listed 10 adventure activities that we love and miss, and that are all on our to do list once this is over.

If you know someone that's taking this extra hard and need cheering up, or you want to just give yourself a bit of a boost, why not purchase an activity voucher today to have that experience to look forward to? You'll also support one of many amazing small businesses that are struggling in the current situation and help them continue to provide incredible experiences when we come out on the other end of this. 

Now let's see what adventures awaits!


Surfing is very popular because of the pure excitement of catching a wave. The intense adrenaline rush is the reason why many people are completely hooked! Patience is important, not every wave will be successful and waiting for that perfect chance is all part of the thrill of the sport. Being in the ocean allows you to connect with nature on a different level. Surfing can take you to the most beautiful areas on the planet! There is also an extensive surfing culture, embracing people, fashion, music and language. Sounds like something you want to be a part of? Find options and vouchers here.

10 fitness activities- Surf
Surfing at Narosa Surf School 


Climbing is a thrilling experience that will give you a full-body workout and exercise your problem-solving skills at the same time! You'll learn how to cautiously place your hands and feet in the right positions when faced with endless possibilities of different routes. This is a very rewarding activity, that will challenge you both physically and mentally as well as giving you a brilliant sense of achievement when you reach the top. You have to be courageous to get over what might initially seem like a difficult or impossible obstacle. Sounds like a challenge you are ready to accept? Find out more and get a voucher to have something lo look forward to.

Blog 10 fitness activities 2020- Climbing
Climbing at Woodmill Outdoors Activity Centre  

Stand Up Paddling Boarding (SUP)

The world's fastest-growing watersport SUP is another fantastic sport to start this year. It's incredibly accessible, great for kids as well as adults and is an ideal low impact alternative to running or walking. Aside from the fitness benefits, it's also great for exploring! Paddle through new waterways, discover your surroundings from a new perspective and visit the hard to reach hidden gems! You will pick up the sport very quickly. It doesn't take much practice to master the technique, you can control your speed easily and if you fall off, it's easy to get back on. Find many amazing places to go and voucher options available today.

Blog 10 fitness activities 2020-SUP
Stand Up Paddleboarding at Back of Beyond Adventures


Yoga is an excellent stress release and also an extreme fitness activity, toning all the core muscles and improving flexibility. It’s incredible for improving your sleep and your posture. You will have a newfound sense of calm which will help you tackle whatever life throws at you next. This will help you stay focused and develop a stronger sense of self-awareness. Most importantly, studies show yoga can significantly improve your mental well being, putting you in a happier state of mind! Why not try an online class during the lockdown? This is a great way to stay fit at home, but also a really lovely activity to do together with other likeminded people later on.

10 Fitness activities Yoga
Yoga at Green Seas Yoga


Swimming is an activity that's lots of fun for all ages and abilities. This is a lifelong and vital skill that in many cases can be life saving. There is a lot of variation in the sport as there are several strokes to master so this exercise never gets repetitive. It is also very affordable and accessible. There are a lot of locations both indoor and outdoor, meaning whatever the weather there is always a place to practice! Find places offering open water swimming on our marketplace.

10 fitness activities swim
Open Water Swimming at Ace Swimming


Kitesurfing is an extremely high-adrenaline and growing watersport. The fantastic feeling of being propelled at speed over the water is unexplainable. You will experience the ultimate feeling of freedom as soon as you are able to ride the first few meters. It is a bit of challenge to master at first, but also one of the most rewarding watersports there is. It's an incredibly diverse sport. You can either cruise on flat water lagoons, jump and practice tricks or go kitesurfing in waves with a waveboard! Buy a voucher for yourself or a loved one to have an amazing adventure to look forward to.

10 fitness activities 2020- kitesurfing
Kitesurfing at Narosa 


Skiing is a great activity, you can do all year round. There are many different dry ski slope locations in the UK. This is perfect for that summer ski session and also for beginners looking to practice their skills and boost their confidence before hitting the mountain slopes. There are many different types of skiing such as downhill, slalom, cross country and off-piste skiing. It's very versatile and once you have mastered the basics, you can try any route and any type of skiing you want! Find out where to go and what type of sessions you can get vouchers for here.

10 fitness activities skiing
Skiing at Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre 


The freedom and fluidity of snowboarding are why so many people are hooked on this sport. Whether you are new to snowsports or only ever tried skiing before, snowboarding could be your new challenge. The feeling of going downhill is amazing and you are able to manipulate speed and direction with just the turn of your feet. You will have the opportunity to freestyle, performing tricks and jumps and going to snow parks, perfect for the ultimate thrill-seeker! Gift yourself or someone you care about something to look forward to today.

10 fitness - snowboarding
Snowboarding at Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre 


Triathlons are a perfect workout alternative because of the variety of exercise. Mixing up your sessions means your motivation will soar. Incorporating three different sports into your weekly fitness plan helps you avoid repetitive routines. You are in control of what type of exercise you want to do. You can practice either running, swimming or biking depending on the day of the week or what you feel like. Learn more or buy a voucher on the eola marketplace.

fitness activities 2020
Triathlon at Trifarm 

Canoeing and kayaking 

Canoeing and kayaking can be as action-packed or as calm as you like. Whether you want to paddle along a calm canal or take an adrenaline-inducing white water course there is something for everyone. Paddling allows you to discover untouched exclusive places and the unique opportunity of exploring places larger boats cannot reach. If you are a nature lover or love the excitement of discovering something new, travelling by canoe or kayak is brilliant to explore the unknown! Here you can find many great outlets across the UK offering both canoeing and kayaking adventures.

10 fitness activities canoe
Kayaking at Emerald Outdoors 

What is your favourite activity? You can easily find more experiences, great activity centres and gift vouchers available on the eola marketplace today. No matter who you want to cheer up, giving someone a new adventure to look forward to can be a wonderful way to keep motivation and excitement levels up. Maybe even something you can look forward to together?

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