5 places to go kitesurfing on the South Coast UK

by Anna Lane

Did you know that the UK is one of the best places in the world to learn how to kitesurf? Maybe we don’t have the white sands and clear waters of places like Mauritius or the Caribbean, but what we lack in tropical conditions we sure make up for in perfect wind conditions, beautiful beaches, and great teaching facilities! 

Here are 5 of our favourite locations to take up kitesurfing along the UK South Coast.

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1. Marazion, Cornwall 

What we love: Marazion in West Cornwall is a very popular spot, with its breathtaking location featuring the stunning backdrop of St Michael's Mount. Its huge shallow bay is great for wave riding and freestyle surfs. The bay picks up a wide rolling swell when it’s pushing from the South West. At either end of the bay, large areas of rocks act like a shelter which keeps the water flat and calm, making this the perfect spot for beginners as well as more advanced kitesurfers. 

Where to go: If you are heading to Marazion we recommend visiting Ocean High. They organise private lessons and also half-day group taster sessions for up to 4 people. You'll be in expert hands with experienced instructors using 2-way Bluetooth radio helmets, great for communication over a long distance. You will also have access to all the latest equipment and wetsuits. 

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2. Exmouth, Devon 

What we love: There are two main kitesurfing spots in Exmouth: Exmouth Duckpond and Exmouth Seafront. Exmouth Duckpond offers a large surfing area at high tide and is perfect for beginners. It provides flat to choppy water and shallow depths making it a great place to learn and improve. The best time to kitesurf is ideally around 3 hrs before high tide. Exmouth Seafront is most popular amongst more experienced riders, providing a whole range of conditions depending on the wind direction and tide state. The main area is sheltered by a massive sandbank which keeps the swell at bay and provides great flat-water conditions.

Where to go: We recommend visiting Edge Watersports, a family-owned centre run by Eric and Steph Bridge (5x Kite Race world champion). They have 50 years combined experience coaching watersports in Exmouth and are responsible for making Exmouth one of the ‘go to’ watersports destinations in the UK. They offer a range of top quality kitesurfing sessions and courses. Why not try their discovery course, a 3hr session which includes a brief introduction to basic land kiteflying, water relaunch, safety system and body dragging.

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3. Calshot, Southampton 

What we love: This unique destination is almost completely surrounded by water and offers some of the best kitesurfing conditions on the South coast. It can be used going in any direction with the prevailing South West wind blowing cross shore. During the summer months, sea breezes are funnelled down the Solent between the mainland and the Isle of Wight. Also, the fact that the breeze is generated from both the island and the mainland can result in some perfect windy conditions.

Where to go: Nomadic Kitesurf offers a wide range of sessions taught by hand-picked expert instructors within the safety of a large lagoon, free from crowds. They use the latest equipment including radio helmets for clear communication and maximum progression. Take part in private coaching, 1-day kitesurfing group sessions or a 6hr private lesson package class passes.

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4. Bracklesham Bay, Chichester 

What we love: Bracklesham Bay is another one of the best places to kitesurf on the South coast. As well as being one of the most stunning bays with a long stretch of golden sandy beach, it is also the spot to experience some amazing sunsets! It’s an ideal location for beginners because the beach is safe and gently shelved. It has prime wind conditions with a South West wind that guides kitesurfers back towards the beach rather than out to sea.

Where to go: Get kiteboarding is run by expert instructor and extreme watersports enthusiast, John Aldcroft, who provides sessions which are exciting and engaging with excellent guidance. Whatever level you are, they offer a large scope of 2hr and 4hr sessions for both groups and individuals. 

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5. Lancing Beach, Worthing 

What we love: Lancing beach is a great place to kitesurf for people of all abilities, from beginners to more advanced levels. The gently shelving and shallow beaches make this a perfect location for beginners to learn. In the summer months, the sea is flat and during the winter months, it offers entry-level wave conditions. Also, there are clearly marked zones for teaching and for freeriding.

Where to go: If you want high-quality instruction from an advanced coach, we recommend Lewis Crathern Kitesurfing. It is run by Lewis Crathern himself, one of the most experienced Big Air riders and 4x British Champion. Try out his 2hr individual coaching sessions which ensure you will have first-class training tailored to your specific needs.

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