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Kitesurfing - 1:1 coaching session

From Toe side riding to learning your first Mobe, these sessions are based on a 2 hour learning Period with video analysis and the chance...
£160.00 PER PERSON

Summer youth watersports extreme 2 days

These 2 days are designed to give as much practice with a kite on & off the water. Starting with Beach Kiteflying, Safety & team...
£195.00 PER PERSON

Kitesurfing youth gold course

This is for the youngsters that are making decent rides in both directions & have either been on the Silver course or joined us in...
£230.00 PER PERSON

Kitesurfing - further water lessons

These give you a chance to move through the British Kitesports' Learn to Kitesurf scheme & which the following: Re-launch Board...
£130.00 PER PERSON

Kitesurfing - 1 day discovery

Includes entry on the land with a 2 hour powerkite lesson followed by a 3 hour water lesson.If you have not flown a kite much or a bit...
£160.00 PER PERSON

Summer youth watersports day

An action packed day for youngsters to learn & experience new sports. A mix of Beach Kiteflying , teamwork, Paddleboarding &...

Paddleboarding taster session

The most accessible way to get on the water - all levels & ages we will have you gliding along the water while enjoying the nature...

Paddleboard yoga

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great full body workout that also calms the mind. No matter what your paddle or Yoga Experience, these...

Exe hammer challenge

Watch the video!Back again for 2019 is Edge’s annual Exe Hammer Sunday 22nd September 12.30 startThis years event is again supported by...

Paddleboard tips & go

Introduction to paddling, stroke technique, Safety & Turning. Following this coaching session you will be ready to paddle on your own...

Credit voucher

Credit vouchers are the perfect present. Fantastically flexible - they can be used with any of the activities we offer. Buy one now, and use it within a year.