10 adventure activities to try this summer

by Freya Merritt

With summer now in full swing, restrictions have eased (hoorah!) and our partner outlets are opening up. So now is the perfect time to start planning some adventures. 

The activities in this list can be experienced in all corners of the UK, so whatever your adventure appetite, you’re sure to find something near you. Here are 10 wonderful activities to try this summer.

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Mountain biking

Pedal your way through plush forest trails on a mountain bike for the ultimate adventure this summer. It’s an awesome activity for all levels of fitness and experience. You can explore extraordinarily diverse terrains, from rolling hills and tree-lined tracks to epic rocky coastlines. Go it alone or team up with friends to enjoy the thrill of riding off-road together.

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From Devon to Duncannon, we in the UK have so many incredible kitesurfing spots, so why not take up the sport this summer? For thrill-seekers up for a challenge on the water, it's a perfect way to spend a morning. Have an epic adventure while simultaneously improving your fitness, balance, and confidence as you learn. 

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Do wild swimming, scrambling, and cliff jumping sound like your cup of tea? Coasteering could be for you - it's an adventure sport that will appeal to those who love a challenge. Go in a group with family and friends for a fantastic day out together. Take in that summer sunshine as you explore beautiful and dramatic coastlines. All you need is a thirst for adventure! 

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Source: Anglesey Outdoors

Stand-up paddleboarding 

Stand-up paddleboarding, also known as SUP, was undoubtedly one of the hottest crazes of the last year, and demand shows no signs of stopping. What makes it so popular? Put simply, SUP is incredibly relaxing and allows you to spend time peacefully in the great outdoors. Anyone can take part as it's easy to get the hang of no matter your fitness level. You can SUP down rivers, across lakes, or by the coast - you can even explore London by SUP! 

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An adventure activity that'll have you leaping into sapphire blue natural pools, scaling waterfalls, and working as a team to conquer the canyon. Create lifelong memories as you take in untouched scenery jumping off rocks, abseiling, and river swimming. Canyoning is a high-adrenaline activity that provides pure thrills! If you are looking to experience the extraordinary this summer, this is the perfect activity for you.

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Source: Lake District Mountaineering


Picture yourself paddling into the distance of an unlimited horizon - bliss! Kayaking offers incredibly unique adventure experiences with no two trips ever the same. It'll have you exploring breathtaking coastal bays, mirror-effect lakes, magical lochs, and meandering rivers. Why not catch the sunset on a night kayaking trip?

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Sailing is an activity loved the world over and for good reason. Harnessing the wind's power and mastering the art of navigation is a feeling that is hard to beat! Sailing can be incredibly relaxing as you glide on the tranquil seas, but it can also provide thrills when taking part in a race. You can sail at any age or level of experience, so if you're interested, why not book a session and have a new adventure? 

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Source: Southampton Water Activities Centre 


For the past year, skiing in the Alps has been out of the question, so why not get your fix at a dry slope this summer? It’s a sport that can be experienced year-round and enjoyed by all age groups. Summer skiing means wearing just jeans and a long-sleeve top - ideal!

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Source: Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre


Yoga combines the benefits of mindfulness with a great workout. Taken up by millions during the last year as a great way to help release tension, yoga will give you that feel-good factor. You can try a vinyasa flow to get moving or yin yoga styles for a calmer session. or even give SUP yoga a go to combine two activities! 

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Source: Green Seas Yoga


Ride the waves this summer! Surfing is an epic experience, and from the moment you catch your first wave, you'll know why! It provides a euphoric sense of freedom that is simply addictive. Surfing can be experienced year-round and provides many fitness and well-being benefits. As the days get longer and the seas get warmer, summer is the perfect time to learn to surf. Book a lesson for the best intro into the sport.

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These are just a few of the many adventures that you can enjoy this summer. As restrictions continue to ease, make the most of the great outdoors and try a new activity this season! You'll create memories to treasure forever. Check out our marketplace to see the full range of adventures we offer.

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