5 reasons to learn to surf

by Freya Merritt

Did you know there are 500,000 surfers in the UK and that figure is increasing year-on-year?

It's easy to see why - the UK boasts some of the best locations for surfing in the world, from Cornwall to Saltburn-by-the-Sea, and from Aberystwyth to Aberdeen. Wherever you’re based there’s sure to be somewhere surfable near you!

Here are 5 reasons to learn to surf.

Surfing with Big Green Surf school
Source: Big Green Surf School

It’s good for you

Surfing is a fabulous full body workout and helps improve your fitness, stamina and mental well-being. From paddling to standing up on your board to riding the wave, you will have worked out your core, hips, mobility, and upper body. It’s also a fantastic mental exercise that will challenge you to improve your concentration, focus, and patience while having an incredible time.

Surfing with Aber Adventures
Source: AberAdventures

It’s social 

Learning to surf with your family and friends is an amazing bonding experience. It provides the group with a shared sense of achievement, and you will laugh and clap as you all get to grips with this fabulous activity. Learning is about making mistakes and having a laugh - even falling off will provide you, your group, and your instructor with some giggles, so embrace it!

Surfing with Cressey's Surf Academy
Source: Cressey's Surf Academy

Connect with nature

With many beaches to explore in the UK, and with each beach offering something unique, there is always somewhere new to surf. The more beaches you see the more you’ll want to help preserve them. Plus, spending time in the outdoors is proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Early riser or night owl? Sunrises and sunsets offer some spectacular views that really are the cherry on top of this awesome sport!

Surfing with Surf School
Source: Porthcawl Surf School

It’s accessible

With over 7,000 miles of coastline in the UK you’re never too far from some surfing action. Surfing is really affordable, once you’ve had a few lessons you can hire a board or buy one for hours of cheap entertainment. Whatever your ability you'll be amazed at the quality of the UK's beaches, even in the winter. Alongside the choice of location is the fact that surfing is very COVID-friendly, an ideal sport for social distancing.

Surfing with Kent Surf School
Source: Kent Surf School

It’s fun!

Let’s face it - the last year has been tough on everyone, so what better way to lift your spirits than to get out for a surf? Surfing is both fun and addictive, thanks to all the endorphins it releases. When you stand up and ride your first wave, it provides a sense of euphoria that is simply epic. You’ll leave a surf session with a proud sense of accomplishment, and every time you go you’ll improve!

Surfing with Surf Sanctuary
Source: Surf Sanctuary

Will you try surfing this summer? If so we'd encourage a few lessons to start you off on your surfing journey. Most people will be able to stand up after just one lesson, and after this achievement, no doubt, you’ll be on cloud 9!

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