5 of the best places to go surfing in Cornwall

by Callum Hemsley

Surfing in Cornwall is an incredible thing to do. It's about as British as fish and chips, and gives you a chance to get out and enjoy nature. However, finding the right place to go can be incredibly difficult. All around the Cornish peninsula are fantastic places hidden away in idyllic bays, and gorgeous golden sandy beaches.

We work with many surf schools around the UK, along with many other types of experiential business. We've even been surfing with a fair few of them! As a result, we know a little bit about where some pretty excellent spots are.

Perranporth Surf School

What we love: It's run directly off Perranporth beach in the middle of the town itself, which is a bit less crowded than Newquay, and just a few miles down the road.

Perranporth Surf School
Feast your eyes on Perranporth beach

Book surf lessons with Perranporth surf school here

Big Green Surf School

What we love: Crantock beach is a gorgeous location with magnificent local scenery. 

Big Green surf School
This is actually part of the National Trust

Book surf and SUP lessons with Big Green surf school here

Westcountry Surf School

What we love: Run by a dynamic brother & sister duo, this north Newquay surf school is pretty fantastic.

Westcountry surf School
Hard to believe it's in the UK right?

Book surf lessons with Westcountry surf school here

Global Boarders

What we love: Based on the phenomenal Praa sands just down the road from St Michael's Mount.

Global Boarders
I'm actually salivating

Book surf lessons with Global Boarders here

Walking on Waves

What we love: A beautiful, extensive beach with long, elegant waves.

Walking on waves
Pure bliss.

Book surf and SUP lessons with Walking on Waves here

Edge Watersports

What we love: Ok, this isn't a surf school. However, it offers Kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Run by one of the world's foremost kiteboarders, Steph Bridge, they're a great place to get your adrenaline hit.

Edge Watersports
So. much. Golden. Sand.

Book Kitesurfing, SUP, and kayaking with Edge watersports here

Cornish Rock Tors

What we love: This isn't a surf school either. They do coasteering, paddleboarding, and kayaking. It's a gorgeous location, and they are a really wild alternative adventure.

Cornish Rock Tors
That water is unbelievably clear.

Book coasteering, SUP, and kayaking with Cornish Rock Tors here

There are so many incredible places around the Cornish peninsular to try different watersports, and lots more surf schools not on our list. If you want to find more places to try out some of these activities, and many more, check out eola

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