5 reasons why you should give watersports a go

by Daniel Steele

Always wanted to take up watersports? Unsure how to get started? Well, never fear as eola’s here…

Inspired by 12-year-old Tash Gouldsbury who's making waves (excuse the pun) in her homeland of New Zealand, the young surfer has already been honing her skills on the board for the past three years. This got us thinking - if a 9-year-old can have such a great talent on the waves, what could the rest of us achieve out there? We've put together our top 5 reasons to give watersports a go, no matter what your age is…

Tash Gouldsbury surfing
Tash Gouldsbury in action 2017 Photo credit to NZ Surfing Magazine

It's great fun

Most importantly, one reason to try watersports is that it’s great fun. Whether you opt for a surfboard or want to try your hand at kitesurfing, there’s nothing quite like getting out there and letting off a bit of stream while learning something new. Who doesn’t like the feeling of accomplishing a new skill to make you feel good, plus other lovers of watersports are usually great fun and have a huge amount of energy so you’ll bag a lot of LOLs too.

Suitable for pretty much anyone, watersports is a great activity for all ages. Take Gary and Billy, aged 50 and 55 respectively, who are keen SUP-ers at Lagoon Watersports in Hove. In their second year of paddleboarding, Gary comments:  “I think as you get older you look for a form of water sports that gives you a buzz, but without feeling the need to prove anything or half kill yourself, SUP makes you feel really energised and good.”

stand up paddleboarding

It's great exercise

Why spend a lunch break in a hot, sweaty gym that’s playing the same club music on repeat each day when you can get out there and really burn some calories while toning up. Depending on your watersport of choice, you’ll be working your core muscles (hello there great abs) to the max and this can have a dramatic effect on your fitness levels and your body.

According to Men’s Fitness, an eola favourite of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a great way to exercise your entire body. Relying on your core muscles for balance, just 30 minutes of SUP gives you an all-over cardio workout and can be equivalent to running six miles. Right, sign us up…

Good for the mind as well as the body

We all know that stress has a significant effect on our minds as well as our bodies. But in this connected and technologically advanced modern world, what can we do to try to combat this?

According to the CIPD, a whopping 38% of UK workers stated they were under excessive pressure at work at once at least once a week, rising to 48% in the public sector. With such a shocking number that’s set to keep rising, taking to the water can be a great way to focus and enjoy an activity far away from the strains of the workplace. Trust us, you’ll love it!


You can do it anywhere, even central London

City-dwellers, it’s time to rejoice as watersports is heading inland at a fast rate. Not just for those lucky enough to live near the beach, watersport activities are becoming more and more accessible for everyone up and down the UK.

Active360, one of our favourite places for SUP here in London, has four locations across the capital where you can walk from the office and onto the Thames in no time. If you’re lucky enough to work or commute from the Paddington area, you really can walk onto a paddleboard in just a few minutes with their SUP centre located right by the central Paddington rail station. That’s right, take a walk along the canal and you’re sure to spot a few SUP-ers out there, as well as those living closer to Active360’s Thames-side locations in Putney, Kew and Brentford Lock.

London SUP with Active360
Stand-up paddleboarding in London with Active360 Photo credit to Adventure in You

Total freedom

Did we mention that watersports can give you a total sense of freedom? Whatever type of activity and board you choose, you’re in control to have as much fun as you can. Not only that, but you can take your new skills pretty much anywhere in the world. Surfing in Mexico? Paddleboarding in New Zealand? Now this sounds like something we’re interested in...


Want to get started with surf lessons, kitesurfing or stand-up paddleboarding? With only the best schools across the UK, you can discover and book your next adventure via the eola platform. So, what are you waiting for? 

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