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The business management platform for ski centres

by Daniel Steele

Running a ski centre means juggling a number of complex issues. Everything takes time, from managing bookings and payments across a wide range of activities and skill levels, to managing resources and dealing with cancellations.

We built eola based on conversations and feedback we've gotten from ski centres and similar businesses to help make these processes simple and streamlined. Our mission is to make it easy to manage day-to-day admin via one beautifully simple platform. 

“Eola has cut down our paperwork massively. It’s such an easy platform to use - we’re very pleased that we made the move.”

Clive Marshall, Business Manager, Alpine Snowsports Aldershot & Southampton

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Customise your offering

From solo enthusiasts to families and large groups, the needs of your customers vary. With eola, you can customise your offering to cater to them all:

  • Automate discounts for large groups
  • Set different prices for children and adults
  • Offer multi-session passes for returning enthusiasts
  • Sell credit and activity vouchers
  • Make activities optionally exclusive for private bookings

For more information on customising your offering, check out our article - How to create an activity on the eola platform

Take payments automatically, 24/7

Over half of all bookings come outside of working hours. With eola, there’s no need to man the phones - you can take payments through your existing website, straight away.

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Our customisable ‘Book Now’ button is easily integrated with your website, allowing customers to access your entire offering with the click of a button.

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Review your calendar at a glance

The eola calendar lets you easily manage all your ski centre’s bookings day-to-day. Colour coding allows you to monitor activity capacity at a glance, and you can add useful notes such as doctor’s appointments or staff holidays directly. 

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Need to make amendments to a booking? All it takes is a couple of clicks to email your customers, make changes, reschedule or cancel an activity.

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Keep on top of availability

Our industry-leading resource management system lets you ensure you’re never overbooked. Simply list resources and quantities, input which activities require certain resources, and let our system handle the rest. 

manage booking

You can also use eola to easily assign instructors to booked activities, building adaptability into your management plan. 

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Share members-only activities

With eola, it’s easy to create and share private activities for club members. They’ll experience the same straightforward booking process as any other customer. 

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Our mission has always been to help grow the activity industry by making it easy to manage day-to-day admin via one beautifully simple platform. With no fixed terms or monthly fees, our flat 4% + VAT booking fee structure includes all transaction fees and ensures that we always thrive to grow together with our partners. 

If you’re interested in managing your business with eola, sign up today and get set up in a matter of minutes. For more tips and tricks on how to use eola or grow your business have a look at the eola Academy.

This year we are proud headline sponsors for the amazing eola GBR Series. If your centre or club has not joined in the fun yet, take a look at the event schedule to find out more.

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