The customer experience - booking an activity

by Daniel Steele

We know how important the customer experience is for outlets looking to increase revenue and modernise their booking processes. A great system will increase conversion, and save you lots of time. 

eola has been designed to be easy to use from start to finish. It shortens and clarifies the customer's booking journey, and it's beautifully simple for both you and your customers to use. 

This is a step by step guide to show you the customer side of the booking flow from discovery to payment. 

1. Using the widget

When the customer visits your website they can click on a bright and vibrant ‘Book Now’ button to choose the activity they want to book.

Widget on website image

2. Get booking

After they click that button they see a simple and clear list of your activities including vouchers or class passes if you have added these features. Never leaving your site.

eola Widget activity list image

3. Booking the activity

Once they have decided on one of your activities, they are taken through to the schedule page where they can pick a time and date for their visit, select the number of attendees and hit ‘Review and Book’.

Activity bookings view

4. Payment

If the customer has a voucher or class pass they can enter their magic codes for money off your activity here. 

Then they can quickly and easily fill out their payment details.

Payments page

5. Booking confirmed

The customer knows their payment has gone through and they are on their way to joining you at their session. 

If you have attached an activity waiver and/ or question pack it will appear here for the customer to easily sign and/ or answer.


6. The customer can now look forward to the booked activity

Not only will they receive a confirmation email with all the information they need, we will also automatically send them reminder emails before they attend, so you don’t have to. 

Confirmation email

This process is quick, simple and clear. It is easy for customers to use and will keep conversion rates high. You’ll have a great system which will help you save lots of time so you can focus on delivering outstanding experiences. 

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