How to use your eola calendar

by Daniel Steele

We understand the importance of having a clear and simple calendar to keep yourself organised and up to date on all of your bookings. It is the quickest way to get an overview of your workday, and see what you have coming up.

This is a step-by-step guide showing you our top tips to get the most from your eola calendar. 


Populate your calendar 

Start with creating your activities to view them on your calendar. Read more on how to set up activities.

1. You can add useful notes such as doctor's appointments or holidays directly to the calendar. You can then assign staff members to specific notes. 

2. You can also create new time slots for your activities directly in the calendar.

Calendar basic view

View your calendar

There are several features you can use to filter your calendar view.

3. In the default view you will see an overview of your activities and which of the activities have been booked.

4. Use the question mark icon to get more information about the colour codes.

View your calendar

5. When clicking on the question mark you'll see the pop-up below explaining the colour codes. 

6. You can also choose to expand the view of the calendar by shifting the toggle.

Colours and Expand View

7. You can filter your calendar using the dropdown menus at the top of the page.

Calendar view booking system

Manage your calendar

You can further use the calendar to manage your activities directly by clicking a specific activity slot.

8. Manage specific bookings in terms of refunds, charges, and rescheduling.

Calendar view edit bookings

9. Here you can choose to disable further bookings for the activity time slot.

10. You can also assign instructors and add time slot notes.

11. Additionally, you can view question packs and activity disclaimers.

Calendar view eola booking system

Having a simple and easy-to-view calendar can do a lot to help with your efficiency. With everything you need in one place you will save time on admin and be able to focus on creating outstanding experiences for your customers. 

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