5 reasons to try skiing this summer

by Daniel Steele

A British summer can mean many things. To some, it’s eating ice cream on a sandy beach; to others, it’s long walks in the countryside. One activity that might not always spring to mind, though, is skiing! 

Skiing might be seen as a classic snowsport, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for the winter. All over the UK, enthusiasts and beginners alike are flocking to dry and indoor slopes to have fun, improve their technique, and spend quality time with friends and family. 

There are many great reasons to give skiing a go this summer - here are our top five!

book skiing alpine snowsports southampton
Source: Alpine Snowsports Southampton

It’s fun!

The most important reason to give skiing a go this summer is that it’s just great fun! From perfecting your parallel turn to mastering the art of the slalom, skiing is an intensely rewarding activity that only gets better with time and practice. Reawaken your inner child and rediscover the joy of whooshing downhill! 

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Source: Team Evolution Alpine Racing

It’s accessible

If you’re new to the sport, a dry or indoor slope is the perfect place to start. Test the waters with a weekend or post-work session and find out if skiing or snowboarding is for you. For those who are more experienced, local artificial slopes are super convenient for training or getting a dose of adventure. You can be on the slopes for half an hour and back in time for tea! 

book skiing cardiff ski and snowboard centre
Source: Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre

It’s social

Come for the slopes, stay for the people! UK ski centres are run by passionate enthusiasts who love sharing the joys of snowsports with their community. Up and down the country, there are regular contests and classes to be enjoyed for all age groups. If competition isn’t your thing, join in as a marshall or a timing official, and be a part of a thriving sporting community near you. 

book skiing midland ski club
Source: Midland Ski Club

It’s great exercise

Skiing combines cardio and strength into one fantastic workout, particularly for the lower body. As you turn and brake, your legs, hips, and core are all engaged, and over time skiing helps you build flexibility and balance. You can keep making fitness gains as you improve your technique, tackling steeper slopes and even jumps and tricks!

book skiing pendle ski club
Source: Pendle Ski Club

It’s brilliant for your mental health

Skiing is a great way to enjoy the mental health benefits of exercise. Whether you’re carving your way around a slalom or working on the basics, the satisfaction that comes from a session on the slopes is deeply rewarding. Let your mind clear and enter a state of flow, with only the swoosh of your skis and the slope ahead to focus on. You can be sure to finish up refreshed and reinvigorated. 

book skiing welwyn garden city ski race club
Source: Welwyn Garden City Ski Race Club

Artificial ski slopes are a fantastic way to enjoy all that skiing and snowboarding have to offer year-round. Whether you’re looking to keep fit, make new friends, or just try out a new sport, a trip to the slopes this summer is sure to put a smile on your face. 

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