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Sell more activities this Easter

by Rita Costa

Easter holidays are a golden opportunity for activity centres to attract families looking for memorable experiences. This period is a critical time for operators to differentiate their offerings, optimise their marketing strategies, and streamline their booking processes ahead of the busy summer season ahead. Here are six simple but super effective steps to help your activity centre make the most out of the Easter season.

1. Theme your eggs-periences

By incorporating Easter themes into your activities, you can attract more families looking to make the most of the holiday. Whether it’s an adventurous Easter egg hunt or creative bunny-themed arts and crafts, these themed experiences are sure to draw in crowds, enhancing your visibility and revenue!

Sell more activities this Easter

2. Seasonal SEO magic

Visibility is key, especially during the busier seasons. Adjusting your activity titles and descriptions to include Easter and spring-related keywords can significantly boost your chances of landing at the top of search results. This ensures your offerings are easily found by families searching for the perfect Easter outing.

Sell more activities this Easter

3. Shout about it

The early bird gets the worm, and in the case of Easter activities, early promotions lead to early bookings. By advertising your Easter events well in advance, you give families plenty of time to plan their holidays. This not only fills up your spots early but also encourages word-of-mouth promotion, expanding your reach and attracting even more customers.

Sell more activities this Easter

4. Offer discounts

Everybody loves a good deal, and Easter is no exception. Offering discounts or promotional codes can significantly increase the attractiveness of your activities (which is key during competitive seasons). These incentives encourage quick decision-making, helping you secure last-minute bookings and ensuring your events are fully booked.

Sell more activities this Easter

5. Don’t miss out on in-person bookings

Be ready for those last-minute walk-ins! Equipping your business with a card reader that syncs to your online booking system allows for efficient on-the-spot bookings. This not only helps fill up any last-minute spots but also ensures all your bookings are organised and accessible in one place, making it easier to manage your offerings and keep track of your success. Find more info on our card reader here.

Sell more activities this Easter

6. eola MOT

To ensure you’re fully prepared for the Easter rush, we’re offering all our partners a free eola system check-up. We will guide you through the platform, highlighting any missed opportunities and suggesting improvements to ensure you’re taking advantage of all our revenue-boosting tools. Get in touch to book your free eola MOT!


The holidays presents a fantastic opportunity for activity businesses to increase their revenue and customer base. By implementing these simple strategies, you can ensure your business stands out, attracts more bookings, and operates smoothly during this busy season!

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