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Sell more with vouchers in your activity centre

by Rita Costa

As the busy season approaches, experience providers and activity centres across the UK are looking for ways to streamline operations and boost revenue. With the right strategies and tools, you can set your business up for a successful season. Here’s why vouchers are our go-to free tool to prepare for the busy season:

1. Jumpstart your sales

Kick off your revenue early by selling vouchers. This approach fills your activity slots in advance, smoothing out capacity and resource planning. It's a strategic move to ensure you're fully booked as the season starts.

2. Gifting an experience boosts sales

Vouchers are perfect gifts for enthusiasts to share with loved ones, and they encourage the purchase of additional tickets or add-ons. This not only increases your ticket sales but also enhances the overall experience for your customers.

3. Flexibility wins customers

Offering vouchers means offering flexibility. Customers appreciate the ability to choose their adventure dates without the worry of last-minute cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather. This level of flexibility enhances customer satisfaction and reduces the administrative burden of rescheduling on your team.

4. Free money?

Surprisingly, about 50% of vouchers never get used. This phenomenon adds a layer of profit to your business without the extra service cost. While the aim is to provide memorable experiences, the financial upside of unredeemed vouchers is a bonus.

5. Boost off-peak cash flow

Vouchers can stabilise your cash flow during slower periods. Selling now for later adventures ensures a steady income stream when bookings typically dip, helping to maintain a healthy balance sheet year-round.

Sell more with vouchers

Offering vouchers is a strategic move for any activity business looking to increase its revenue before the busy season kicks off. Vouchers not only secure early income but also attract new customers and retain existing ones.

eola’s online booking system comes with the voucher tool at no added cost and many more features that help you and your team run your day-to-day operation - find more information on how eola can help your business thrive this year!


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