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Dos & don'ts when writing waivers for your activities

by Rita Costa

Waivers and questionnaires are crucial in the activity and experience industry, not only to ensure participant safety but also to protect your business. However, we all know stressful and time consuming the process of putting together these documents can be. But fear not - handling waivers in the activity industry just got easier! Here’s our concise guide of basic do’s and don’ts when writing waivers:

Don't: Flood with fine print.

Do: Keep it clear and concise.

Don’t bombard your participants with overly complex or lengthy documents. Keep waivers straightforward and to the point - break information into digestible sections. Use plain language and avoid legal jargon to ensure your participants can clearly understand their rights and responsibilities.


Don't: Forget to mention the essentials.

Do: Cover it all.

Ensure all activities, risks, and safety measures are covered. Protect both your business and participants.


Don't: Use generic templates.

Do: Customise your waivers for each activity.

Ensure your waivers are specifically tailored to the risks and requirements of each activity you offer. Generic waivers may not fully protect your business or adequately inform your participants. Customised waivers demonstrate your commitment to participant safety and compliance with industry standards.


Don't: Skip the emergency info.

Do: Include a questionnaire.

Collect emergency contacts and medical information ahead of the activity. This practice is vital for responding effectively to any incidents and ensuring the safety and well-being of your participants. Always include a section for emergency contacts and medical information, this can be done with a questionnaire attached to the waiver.


Don't: Overwhelm instructors with countless waivers and questionnaires.

Do: Start using eola AI.

eola AI automates waiver and questionnaire management, ensuring forms are completed on time, highlighting essential participant information for safe and enjoyable experiences, and saving countless hours by eliminating the need to manually review every submission. Most importantly, it removes the chance of human error, making the process more efficient and giving instructors peace of mind.

Dos & don'ts when writing waivers for your activity business

For activity operators and businesses seeking to optimise operations while ensuring participant safety, eola AI is an invaluable asset. Learn more about how this tool works and how eola’s online booking system can help you grow your business this year.

With these tips, you can improve your activity centre's waiver processes, ensuring legal compliance, participant safety, and operational efficiency - test them out yourself!


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