Choosing a booking system for your activity business in 2024: 10 must-have features!

by Rita Costa

In 2024, the landscape of activity bookings and experience ticketing is evolving rapidly. Businesses, especially those in the activity centre and outdoor activities sector in the UK, need a robust online booking system that can keep pace with these changes. 

Here are the 10 most crucial features that make up the best booking system for your activity scheduling and class booking needs.


1. Flexible activity scheduling

Activity scheduling app needs to be versatile. An advanced scheduling system that can handle varied activity timetables, including one-time events, recurring classes, and seasonal offerings is  crucial for the the outdoor activity industry. This flexibility is essential for businesses with diverse and changing schedules.

2. Integrated payment processing

A seamless booking experience includes streamlined payment processing. The best booking app for activities will offer secure, integrated payment solutions that support various payment methods, enhancing customer convenience. Having trustworthy integrations such as Apple Pay and Google Pay can be the key feature that guarantees a booking!

3. User-friendly interface

The best online booking software should boast a modern, user-friendly interface. This ensures ease of use for both your staff and customers, making the process of booking experiences and outdoor activities straightforward and enjoyable.

4. Mobile optimisation

The majority of experiences and activities are booked online through smartphones. For this reason, having a mobile-optimised booking platform is essential, your booking system should provide a seamless experience, whether accessed via a desktop or mobile device.

5. Multi-location support

In 2024 we are heading for the clouds! If your business operates in multiple locations or if it doesn’t yet, it is always important to ensure your booking system can grow with your business. Having a feature that manages bookings across various sites, streamlining operations and providing a unified view of the business will ensure you don’t have to go through logistic issues in the future!

6. Real-time resource management

Checking your gear availability on the spot allows you to be more organised and make the most out of your resources. A tool that automatically cross-checks instructor and gear availability before allowing a booking to go through ensures classes and experiences can’t be overbooked, saving you and your team precious time, allowing unused equipment to be rented and maximising revenue potential.

7. Online waivers and document management

In the activity industry, waivers and disclaimers are crucial not only to protect your business but also to ensure customer safety. Make sure your booking platform includes an automated waiver management system, as otherwise you will have to go through the hassle of having a separate waiver system.

8. AI-enhanced efficiency

AI is here and your business should make the most out of the perks it offers. 

A booking system that leverages AI to make your operations easier and save you time is a massive green flag. eola uses AI to review customer questionnaires, providing in-depth insights and saving hours of manual analysis. We have continuously tested this feature and found that it minimises human error, allowing for more accurate and personalised customer interactions.

9. Increased accessibility

A cloud-based booking system offers the flexibility of managing bookings from anywhere, ensuring prompt and efficient customer service.

10. A system that grows with you

As your business expands, your booking system should effortlessly scale and adapt with you, supporting your evolving needs without interruption.


In the dynamic world of activity and experience bookings, having the right online booking system is pivotal. The ideal system in 2024 should embody a mix of user-friendliness, adaptability, and sophisticated features, catering specifically to the unique demands of activity centres and outdoor activity providers. It should enhance your operational efficiency, elevate the customer experience, and foster overall business growth.

At eola, we understand these needs. That's why our booking system is designed with a focus on these critical aspects. We provide a comprehensive solution that stands out as a superior choice for modern activity businesses. 

But why not checking it out yourself! Get a free demo of our booking system and find out how we can grow your business in 2024!


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