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Why January is a prime time to offer memberships

by Rita Costa

As the new year rolls in, it brings with it a wave of enthusiasm and resolutions. January, often associated with fresh starts and new goals, is the perfect time for activity and experience providers to capitalise on this momentum by offering memberships. 

Here’s why:

1. New Year's resolutions

January is synonymous with New Year's resolutions. People are eager to start anew, setting goals for healthier lifestyles, learning new skills, or picking up new hobbies. Activity providers can tap into this resolution-driven market by offering memberships that align with these common goals. Self-improvement, art classes, or skill-based workshops stand to benefit significantly during this time.

2. Seasonal marketing opportunities

The start of the year is a marketing goldmine for activity centres. Businesses can leverage the 'new year, new you' angle in their promotions for outdoor activities, creating a sense of urgency and relevance. This seasonal marketing can be more effective than promotions at other times of the year, as it resonates with the general mood of self-improvement and change.

3. Combatting the January blues

January can often be a challenging month for many, the post-holiday slump, cold weather, and shorter daylight hours, can lead to a low and dampened mood. Activity and experience providers can offer a much-needed antidote by promoting memberships that connect people with the outdoors, community activities, or skill-building classes. Engaging in such activities can boost morale, encourage social interaction, and provide a sense of accomplishment, helping to combat the January blues.

4. Post-holiday lull

After the hectic holiday season, January often sees a lull in many businesses. Offering memberships during this time can be a strategic move to boost revenue and customer engagement.

5. Long-term customer engagement

Memberships, by their nature, promote long-term engagement. Starting this in January capitalises on the high motivation levels, potentially leading to more loyal and long-standing customers. It’s an opportunity to build a community right at the start of the year.

6. Competitive edge

Offering memberships in January can give activity centres a competitive edge. It positions them as proactive and in tune with customer needs for outdoor activities and other experiences. This can be especially effective if competitors are slower to market or still recuperating from the holiday season.


January isn’t just the start of a new calendar year; it’s a time brimming with potential for businesses, especially for activity and experience providers. By offering memberships during this time, activity centres can harness the spirit of resolutions and provide a beacon of positivity and engagement through outdoor activities and other experiences, making January a month full of opportunity rather than a time of sluggishness.


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