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Work smarter and faster with eola AI

by Daniel Steele

We are the first major booking platform to launch AI across our services. Start creating high-quality content that engages and converts your customers. 

Write better.

Great product descriptions are key to marketing your services and attracting customers. A well-written description can improve your conversion rate, increase the price a customer is willing to pay and bring more visitors to your page with good keywords. 

Think bigger. 

The first word can be the hardest. Overcome writer's block with high-quality content generated at the click of a button. eola AI can assess many thousands of examples at once, giving you the ideas and inspiration you need.

Work faster.

Use eola AI for free when you create your activities or experiences. Simply click the ‘generate content’ button and use the content to help inspire your descriptions. It can save you hours when you first set up your products, or help you launch new products in record time. 


What is next?  

AI can help you assess customer booking patterns and then use this information to generate schedules, product recommendations, staff requirements and more. It can automate the mundane and help inspire new ideas for your business.

We see AI as an opportunity for you to spend more time on the parts of your business you are passionate about. It aligns perfectly with our vision of giving you the time to enjoy more of the moments that matter. 

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