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Why you should be using vouchers in your activity centre

by Rita Costa

Running a seasonal business can be both thrilling and challenging. You get to provide people with memorable experiences in the great outdoors, but you also have to manage fluctuating customer numbers due to changing weather and seasons. One strategy that can help navigate these challenges and boost your business every season is using vouchers. 

Here’s how they can help:

1. Flexibility for customers

Seasonal businesses often struggle with unpredictable weather conditions and fluctuations in customer demand. Vouchers offer a flexible solution for both your business and your customers. By selling vouchers on your booking platform, you allow customers to purchase activities in advance and use them when the weather is favourable or when it suits their schedule. This flexibility encourages more people to engage with your outdoor activities, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

2. Enhanced cash flow

Vouchers can provide a steady stream of income throughout the year, as customers purchase them in advance, even when your centre is not operational. This can help cover fixed costs, invest in marketing, and improve your facilities, ultimately ensuring that you're ready to welcome guests when the season kicks off.

3. Targeted marketing

Vouchers provide an excellent opportunity for targeted marketing campaigns. You can tailor promotions to specific customer segments, such as families, adventure seekers, or corporate groups, and offer vouchers that align with their interests. This personalised approach can attract a diverse range of customers and help you maximise your business's potential.

4. Increased brand exposure

Using vouchers can increase your brand's visibility. When customers purchase vouchers, they often share their experiences with friends and family, creating a word-of-mouth marketing effect. Additionally, vouchers can be gifted, further expanding your centre's reach. The exposure gained through vouchers can lead to an influx of new customers who may not have discovered your outdoor activity centre otherwise.

5. Easy administration

Managing voucher sales and redemptions can be straightforward with the right tools and systems in place. With eola, it is easy to keep track of sales, expiry dates, and customer data all within one fully integrated booking system. This ensures a smooth customer experience and reduces administrative burdens.

Vouchers can give you a competitive advantage in a crowded market. By embracing vouchers, you can not only survive but thrive, making the most of each season and creating memorable outdoor experiences for your customers. 


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