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3 tools that will increase your centre's revenue this season

by Rita Costa

As peak season winds down, preparing for a potential dip in bookings is crucial. However, the off-season presents a strategic opportunity to utilise tools that maintain a steady cash flow and pave the way for year-round success. In this post, we'll explore three essential tools that can be game-changers for your activity centre throughout the year, and especially during slower months.

1. Vouchers: Prepaid experiences for a steady cash flow

Encourage guests to purchase vouchers during the off-season to ensure a consistent revenue stream. Vouchers allow customers to buy now and schedule adventures later, providing a financial boost when bookings are lighter. Consider special package deals to entice customers into investing in future visits, fostering anticipation and loyalty.

2. Memberships: Transforming visitors into enthusiastic repeat customers

Introduce membership programs to turn one-time visitors into repeat customers. Exclusive perks such as discounted rates, priority booking, and members-only events incentivise sign-ups, generating recurring revenue and building a sense of community. During the off-season, focus on highlighting the long-term value of memberships to encourage year-round commitment.

3. Discounts: Strategic incentives for increased bookings

Craft well-timed promotions and discounts to attract new visitors and retain existing ones. Limited-time promotions or off-peak discounts can fill empty slots and keep your team engaged. Collaborate with local businesses for cross-promotions or offer group discounts to encourage larger bookings. Thoughtfully designed promotions turn the off-season into an opportunity to reach new audiences and maintain excitement.


In the world of activity centres, adaptability is key, especially during the off-season. While vouchers, memberships, and discounts are pivotal for revenue, managing them efficiently is equally crucial. eola seamlessly incorporates these tools into your operations so everything is under one system and you can easily track each initiative, offering a comprehensive solution to run your activity centre successfully year-round. 

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