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Google Pay and Apple Pay update

by Rita Costa

In the fast-paced world of activity and experience businesses, staying ahead is paramount. We're excited to share our latest update – eola now seamlessly integrates with Google Pay and Apple Pay!

Here's why this integration is game-changing for the experience and activity industry:

Streamlined experience reservations

With a Google and Apple Pay integration, booking experiences becomes a seamless process. This streamlined approach ensures quick and efficient transactions, making your experiences more appealing to potential customers.

Secure experience bookings

Security is crucial when it comes to online transactions. Google Pay and Apple Pay provide a secure booking experience that the end consumer is already used to and trusts.

Reduce cart abandonment

Say farewell to cart abandonment! The ease of use Google and Apple Pay provide minimises friction in the booking process, encouraging users to finalise their activity bookings without hesitation.

Mobile-friendly system

This integration caters to on-the-go adventurers, ensuring easy and convenient bookings directly from their phones.

On-the-go decision-making

The ease of completing transactions with a simple tap fosters spontaneous bookings, particularly when users are on the move. This quick, on-the-go accessibility encourages users to make instant decisions to secure their spot, reducing hesitation and positively impacting the overall conversion rate for activity bookings.


Get in touch to learn more about how this update can benefit your activity centre here.

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