Adding memberships to your business

by Daniel Steele

Do you want to build stronger, longer lasting relationships with your customers? Memberships are an invaluable tool to increase the lifetime value of every customer and build more predictability in your revenue, so you can confidently invest in your business and create a community surrounding it.

eola memberships allow your customers to access discounts on bookings, in return for a regular payment. Like the rest of our platform, we designed our memberships to be adaptable and customisable, to suit the needs of any business. This means you can choose the perks you want to offer, based on your customers’ needs.

adding memberships

Farewell to filing cabinets

With eola, you can create as many different memberships for your business as you like. You could offer activities exclusively available to members, or introduce a tiered membership system, with each ‘step up’ offering more perks at a higher price point.

When it comes to managing your memberships, everything is automated. Gone are the days of filing cabinets brimming with members’ information - instead, your customers can purchase memberships via the eola booking widget. Their payment will be processed automatically, and they’ll gain access straight away to the membership’s benefits.

memberships booking platform

How it works

Each membership features as many perks as you’d like. You can give customers discounts on activities, or even make certain activities completely free. You can also give your customers the flexibility to choose a payment plan that works for them. For example, the same membership plan could cost £5 a week, £15 a month, or £100 for the whole year. 

You can also add additional features such as a one off sign-up fee or a trial period. These are entirely optional, so you can build a membership that suits your business. 

You can choose to make a membership rolling or of a fixed duration. Whilst we recommend a rolling membership, we know businesses offering seasonal activities or operating in tourist hotspots might prefer a fixed duration. 

Once you’re ready, you can launch your membership at the click of a button, and it will instantly appear on your mobile-optimised booking widget.

add memberships to my business

Memberships can diversify your revenue stream and build a more stable base for your business. With eola, it’s easy to set up and launch memberships within a couple of minutes.

Interested in using eola? It’s free to get set up and takes just minutes. Try it today!

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