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5 ways memberships can amplify your experience businesses

by Daniel Steele

Over the last decade, subscription-based memberships have become more and more popular with experience businesses and activity centres. When working seamlessly with rental- and activity-based services - as they do in eola’s booking and business management system - memberships can diversify your revenue stream and help build a more stable base for your business.

Here are five key ways memberships can help grow your experience business.

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Generate stable revenue year-round

Businesses built on a bookings-based revenue model are inherently flexible, but the flip side of that flexibility is exposure to seasonal shifts in demand. Particularly for outdoors activities and businesses in tourist hotspots, memberships can provide a source of stable revenue in less busy months, and encourage bookings in otherwise quieter periods. 

Build long-term customer relationships

Experience businesses have the potential to be so much more than a series of transactions. Memberships can encourage customers to enter into a richer, more long-term relationship with your business, and help build a community around it. The organic word-of-mouth marketing generated by such a community can be invaluable.

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Upskill your client base

Why do people commit to a gym membership, rather than just paying for the gym whenever they feel like going? Because in exchange for an upfront commitment, they can get stronger and fitter over a period of months or years. In the same way, customers who purchase a membership for your business can build upon their skill set over a long period of time. What’s more, they can do so at a potentially cheaper overall cost, in exchange for the upfront commitment. 

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Broaden and deepen your offering

Whilst taster sessions are fantastic entry points, offering memberships allows you to develop a series of experiences that go beyond merely the introductory. Tapping into a more stable revenue stream enables you to plan a more intensive series of courses or activity streams, adjusted for ability and experience. This opens up your business to more in-depth, enjoyable experiences for you and/or your instructors.

Upsell, your way

Once a customer has bought into your business via a membership, they are likely to be much more open to upgrading their experience via add-ons and other members-only perks. Not every business is the same - with eola’s memberships product, these perks can take whatever form you prefer. Whether that’s discounted activities or equipment rentals, or even free access to certain experiences, you can set up your memberships and accompanying perks however you see fit. 

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