Rentals: Maximise your efficiency

by Daniel Steele

Experiences are the bedrock of your business, but not every adventure needs a guide. Rentals open up your business to more experienced customers who want to explore without supervision.

Our rental management system is the perfect solution for experience businesses and activity centres looking to simplify admin, manage bookings, and generate revenue from idle resources; all via one simple platform. 

End-to-end equipment management

Most activity centres are running below capacity, and many are not even aware of it. Even if you're taking bookings non-stop, any equipment not being used could be earning you money.

As bookings come in, eola's equipment management system performs hundreds of calculations to assign your resources as efficiently as possible. This means that, if a booking comes in, you can rest assured that you have the equipment and resources available to handle it. 

rentals booking system

Complete customisation

The beauty of rentals is that, as a flexible product, your customers can tailor their booking to suit their own schedule. This frees up extra revenue not normally possible with time-locked experiences.

Our system lets you set up rentals that suit your business, via flexible minimum and maximum durations, and a programmable interval duration. This lets you program rentals suitable for any activity, from a quick paddle session to a day-long self-guided tour.

For example, with a minimum duration of 1 hour, a maximum of 2, and an interval duration of 30 minutes, your customer could choose to rent some equipment for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or a full 2 hours. You can set interval durations to as short as 10 minutes, to make your rentals as flexible as possible. 

rentals booking system

An intuitive, comprehensive booking flow

With so many variables to cater to, from selecting equipment to choosing a timeslot, it’s important that your customers are able to intuitively understand and navigate your rental booking flow.

Unique designed for the experience and activity industry, our rental booking flow - which sits on your own website as part of the eola booking widget - walks your customers through every step of the booking process without missing a beat.

“eola enabled us to run kayak hire as a standalone business. It's very easy to input your resources and time slots, and just leave the system to it. It's taken a big chunk of our business and made it really streamlined, easy to use, and easy to deliver. All we have to worry about is bums on boats.”

Charlie Boyce-Smith, general manager
Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre

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