10 essential features the best activity booking systems should have

by Rita Costa

Now more than ever, activity and experience businesses, especially those in the activity centre and outdoor activities sector in the UK, need a reliable online booking system that both their team and customers love to use. Here are the ten most crucial features that make up the best booking system for your activity booking, scheduling and management needs.

1. User-friendly interface

The best online booking software should boast a user-friendly interface. This ensures ease of use for both your staff and customers, making the process of booking experiences and outdoor activities straightforward and pleasant. A quick interface as well as engaging graphics and straightforward flow is all you need!

2. Flexible activity scheduling

An activity scheduling app needs to be versatile. Whether it's for class scheduling, instructor schedules, or a complex activity schedule, the system should offer the flexibility to cater to different types of bookings.

3. Integrated payment processing

A seamless booking experience includes streamlined payment processing. The best booking app for activities will offer secure, integrated payment solutions that support various payment methods, enhancing customer convenience. Offering Google Pay and Apple Pay as payment methods, for example, can decrease abandoned carts by an average of 10%.

4. Mobile optimisation

Most enthusiasts book activities out of the convenience of their mobile phone, meaning that having a mobile-optimised booking platform is essential. It should provide a seamless experience, whether accessed via a desktop or mobile device.

5. Real-time booking management

The best booking software for activities must offer real-time booking management. This feature not only allows you and your team to view your booking calendar, but also check class, instructor and equipment availability.

6. Automated communication tools

Automated emails and notifications are vital for efficient communication in any booking management system. They keep customers informed about their bookings and any changes, enhancing the overall customer experience. This also saves your team countless hours reminding customers to sign waivers and questionnaires before arriving for their experience, allowing for a smoother check-in.

7. Customisation and branding

A website booking system should be customisable to align with your brand. Personalisation of the booking interface not only provides a unique customer experience but also reinforces brand identity.

8. Analytics and reporting

To optimise your operations, the best online booking system should include analytics and reporting tools. These provide insights into booking trends, customer preferences, and overall business performance.

9. Reliable customer support

Dependable customer support is a cornerstone of the best booking software. Access to prompt and helpful support ensures any issues are swiftly resolved, minimising disruptions to your service.

10. Scalability and integration

The best booking app must be scalable and integrable with other systems. This adaptability ensures it can grow with your business and work in harmony with your team.


In the world of activity and experience bookings, having the right online booking system is pivotal. The best booking software will offer a blend of user-friendliness, flexibility, and advanced features tailored to the unique needs of activity centres and outdoor activity providers. 

eola stands out as an excellent choice for activity businesses. With emphasis on user experience, operational efficiency, and advanced functionalities, eola is designed for the needs of activity businesses and their customers. Check out our website and discover how eola can transform your booking process and elevate your business today.


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