Online and in-person bookings all in one: The solution for activity centres!

by Rita Costa

In the dynamic world of activity centres, managing bookings can be a complex juggling act. But what if managing these bookings – both online and in-person – could be seamless and efficient? Enter eola's game-changing solution: the integration of our card readers with your centre's eola account.

Unified booking management

The key point of our card reader system is its ability to unify online and in-person bookings.

Activity centre managers often face the challenge of using separate systems for different types of bookings, leading to complications in scheduling, tracking, and resource allocation. Our solution eliminates this divide. When a customer makes an in-person booking using our card reader, this booking instantly syncs with your centre's eola account. This integration means your calendar is automatically updated, ensuring seamless scheduling and preventing the risk of overbooking.

Simplified scheduling and equipment rentals

With our integrated system, scheduling becomes a breeze. You have a real-time view of your bookings, both online and in-person, in one place. This unified approach is particularly beneficial for equipment rentals. You can now confidently rent out equipment, knowing your system has an up-to-date record of all bookings, thereby avoiding double bookings and the chaos they bring.

Effortless in-person payments

Handling in-person payments is now as effortless as online transactions. Our card reader system streamlines the process, ensuring that every in-person payment is recorded and reconciled within your eola account. This means no more manual entries or cross-checking between systems. Every transaction, regardless of its origin, is tracked and managed within a single, reliable system.

Traceability and long-term record keeping

One of the underrated benefits of our integrated card reader system is its traceability. Months after an in-person booking has been made, your team can easily trace back to it. This capability is invaluable for analysing trends, understanding customer behaviour, and even resolving disputes. With long-term record keeping, you have a comprehensive overview of your centre's operations at your fingertips.

A win for your team

Ultimately, our integrated card reader system is designed to make your team's job easier. By having all bookings in one system, your staff can focus more on providing exceptional customer experiences and less on administrative tasks. It's a win-win: streamlined operations for your team and seamless, efficient service for your customers.

Embrace the change

For activity centres looking to streamline their operations and provide a superior customer experience, the integration of eola’s card reader with eola’s booking system is a game-changer: chat with a member of our team to learn more.


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