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Passwordless login update

by Rita Costa

In our continuous quest to refine and enhance the booking process for both our partners and enthusiastic participants, we are excited to announce our latest update that optimises the way you access your dashboard: a seamless, passwordless login feature!

Why go passwordless?

Our latest innovation allows participants to log into their dashboard through a simple yet secure method: a magic link sent directly to their inbox. Not only does this improve security, it also means users no longer have to keep track of their passwords or go through the frustration of lockouts.

The power of convenience

By simplifying access, we empower our enthusiasts to manage their bookings effortlessly. From viewing upcoming activities and inviting friends to participate, to completing essential information such as waivers and question packs - it's all made easier.

Historically, the need to remember passwords has led to essential tasks being postponed, sometimes until the last minute just before the activity is starting. With a passwordless login, we're eliminating this barrier, encouraging a proactive approach to booking management.

A win-win

By reducing the friction in the login process, we're not just making life easier for our participants, we're also enhancing the operational efficiency of our partners. For our partners and activity providers, a smoother login process leads to a higher completion rate of important documents. This not only translates to happier customers but also ensures smoother experiences for everyone involved.


Get in touch to learn more about how this update can benefit your activity centre here.

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