What is coasteering? A beginner's guide

by Rita Costa

Are you curious about coasteering or maybe preparing for your first coasteering adventure? Here’s everything you need to know to get started with coasteering and our top recommendations for the best coasteering spots in the UK!

What is coasteering?

Coasteering is like nature's own obstacle course by the sea. It involves a mix of climbing, swimming, and exploring along the rugged coastline. You'll scramble over rocks, squeeze through sea caves, and maybe even leap off cliffs into deep water. It’s a fantastic adventure that not only allows you to explore the beautiful coastline from a new point of view, but also offer a fun challenges that will keep you in shape!

What is coasteering?

What equipment do you need for coasteering?

You don't need much to start coasteering. This adventure is all about the simplicity of navigating the coastline. The essential gear focuses on keeping you warm and safeguarding against any potential harm.

The company you choose to do your coasteering adventure with usually will set you up with a wetsuit, helmet, and buoyancy aid, but always make sure to check what they provide. From your side, make sure to bring comfy shoes to protect your feet, you'll be scrambling over jagged rocks that could cut your feet open so this is a non-negotiable! Either a pair of wetsuit boots or a pair of old trainers should do the trick. Also consider bringing gloves for extra grip and safety.

Finally, depending on where your coasteering adventures take you, you might want to pack a torch for caves or goggles for underwater exploration - always useful to ask for details on the route from your tour guide.

But most importantly, bring your sense of adventure!

What is coasteering?

Is coasteering safe?

It is always important to respect nature and acknowledge the risks that come with every sport that engages with it.

Coasteering is a fun and safe adventure, especially with a knowledgeable guide leading the way. They’ll ensure you stay safe while exploring the coast’s hidden gems. Plus, cliff jumps are optional and supervised, so you can challenge yourself in a controlled environment.

Where can you go coasteering in the UK?

Here are some top spots to start your coasteering journey:

  • Cornish Rock Tors, Port Isaac: Explore the beautiful Cornish coastline, perfect for beginners looking to dip their toes into coasteering.
  • Elemental UK, Falmouth: Observe the diverse marine life and stunning cliffs, navigating through caves and jumping into clear waters in Falmouth!
  • KA Adventure Sports, Northumberland: Discover Northumberland’s dramatic cliffs and quiet bays, offering epic views and peaceful exploration.
  • Anglesey Outdoors, Wales: Head to Anglesey for a day of adventure along its dramatic coast, encountering sea arches, hidden caves, and maybe a curious seal or two!

Coasteering is a thrilling way to connect with nature while you and your friends take on a challenging adventure. So, gear up, choose your spot, and get ready for your coasteering adventure!

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