Best places to go kitesurfing on the UK South Coast

by Rita Costa

Did you know that the United Kingdom is an exceptional destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts? While it may not boast exotic beaches and crystal-clear waters, the UK more than compensates with its outstanding wind conditions, picturesque coastlines, and superior kitesurfing schools.

Let's explore five top spots for kitesurfing along the South Coast of the UK.

1. Marazion, Cornwall

Marazion, nestled in the heart of West Cornwall, is a favoured destination among kitesurfers for its stunning views of St Michael's Mount and its vast shallow bay, ideal for both wave riding and freestyle kitesurfing. The bay benefits from a broad swell from the South West, while rock formations at the bay's extremities create calm waters, perfect for both novices and the more experienced.

Visit this spot: Check out Ocean High for private or small group sessions led by seasoned instructors equipped with the latest gear and 2-way Bluetooth radio helmets for easy communication.


2. Exmouth, Devon

Exmouth is home to two prime kitesurfing locations: the Duckpond and the Seafront. The Duckpond is ideal for beginners, offering flat to choppy waters at high tide. The Seafront caters to the more adept, with conditions varying with the wind and tide, protected by a large sandbank for smooth flat-water kitesurfing.

Where to head: Edge Watersports, operated by the Bridge family, including 5-time Kite Race World Champion Eric Bridge, offers exceptional coaching and courses, including a discovery course for starters.


3. Calshot, Southampton

Calshot's unique position almost entirely surrounded by water makes it a prime location for kitesurfing on the South Coast, with reliable South West winds and summer sea breezes creating ideal conditions.

Top recommendation: Nomadic Kitesurf offers diverse classes in the safety of a spacious lagoon, with the latest equipment and expert instructors ensuring a great learning experience.


4. Bracklesham Bay, Chichester

Bracklesham Bay stands out not only for its beautiful sandy beach but also for the spectacular sunsets. Its beginner-friendly conditions and South West winds make it a perfect kitesurfing spot.

Go here: Get kiteboarding with John Aldcroft offers exciting sessions for all skill levels, ensuring engaging and informative experiences.


5. Lancing Beach, Worthing

Lancing Beach is suitable for all levels of kitesurfers, offering shallow waters for beginners and wave conditions for the more advanced. The beach has designated zones for teaching and freeriding, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

Our recommendation: For top-notch coaching, Lewis Crathern Kitesurfing is the place to be. Led by the 4-time British Champion, the school offers personalised 2hr coaching sessions for an unparalleled learning experience.



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