Where to go coasteering in the UK

by Mason Hiestand

Coasteering is an adventurous outdoor activity where you explore a rocky coastline on foot. It involves swimming, climbing, jumping into the water from cliffs or rocks, and sometimes navigating through caves. It's a great way to get close to nature and enjoy the thrill of exploring coastal landscapes in a unique way!

Porth Dafarch, Wales

Porth Dafarch is a picturesque cove located on the western coast of Anglesey, an island off the north coast of Wales. The cove is surrounded by dramatic cliffs perfect for coasteering, and the cove offers beautiful views out to the Irish Sea. The clear waters and gentle waves make Porth Dafarch ideal for everyone to have fun exploring.

Anglesey Outdoors near Porth Dafarch will take you coasteering along the beautiful coastline of Wales. Their coasteering path leads across Porth Dafarch and will show you the highlights of Wales’s coast.

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Porthleven Coastline, Porthleven

The coastline around Porthleven, located on the southwest coast of Cornwall, England, is known for its rugged beauty, dramatic cliffs, and stunning sea views, making it ideal for coasteering. The coastline near Porthleven features high cliffs and rocky headlands that you will find enjoyable coasteering across. Kick your feet up after a hard days work coasteering at the quaint sandy beach near the harbor, which is popular for families and sunbathers during calm weather.

Vertical Blue Adventures can lead you on a breathtaking adventure across the Porthleven Coastline. Their coasteering paths combine swimming, climbing, and diving to give adventurers the full experience of what it truly means to go coasteering.

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Port Gaverne, Cornwall

Port Gaverne is nestled within a small cove, sheltered by cliffs and surrounded by rocky outcrops typical of the Cornish coastline. Port Gaverne is popular among coasteering fans for its scenic walks along the South West Coast Path, which offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding cliffs. The additional coast of Cornwall features more giant cliffs and fun paths for you to traverse.

Explore this amazing coastline with Cornish Rock Tors Ltd. With over a decade’s worth of experience coasteering in Cornwall, the instructors at Cornish Rock Tors have adventure paths to fit everyone no matter the age or skill.

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Trevone Bay, Trevone

Trevone Bay is another beautiful coastal area in Cornwall, located near Padstow on the north coast of the county. The bay is surrounded by dramatic cliffs, creating a picturesque backdrop for you and your group. Trevone Bay and its surrounding cliffs are home to a variety of seabirds like puffins, razorbills, fulmars, and other marine life.

Trevone Bay Adventures are known for their coasteering adventures around Trevone Bay. Their adventures and different courses show the true beauty of Cornwall, and with picturesque views of the bay, you’re going to want to bring your camera.

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Howick Coastline, Northumberland

The Howick Coastline is situated on the North Sea coast of Northumberland, extending between the villages of Craster and Boulmer, known for its unspoiled landscapes and stunning views. Featuring dramatic cliffs, secluded bays, and sandy beaches filled with rocky terrain, this coastline is perfect for coasteering. The cliffs and offshore islands provide a place to live for amazing aquatic wildlife you’ll want to see with your own eyes.

Experience Northumberland’s coast like never before when you plan your adventures with Fearless Adventures. Working hard to keep their group sizes small, Fearless Adventures is able to tailor your coasteering experience to your group’s requests and needs.

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