The best surfing locations near London

by Callum Hemsley

Looking to go surfing near London? We have listed the best locations within a 2 hour journey from Central London. 

Littlehampton, West Sussex

What we love: Littlehampton has a small but reasonably exposed beach break on the east side of the harbour entrance. You can also get some good conditions during high tide with lefts off the wooden groyne, especially on a good east/southwesterly swell. During a good day it can get a bit crowded as it's a beautiful spot, but definitely worth a visit. If you're chasing those perfect waves the best time is actually to go during the winter months.

Travel: By train from Central London its takes about 1 hour 45 min to Littlehampton station, or you can drive in about the same time (65 miles)

Brighton, East Sussex 

What we love: Surfing is an very important part of the Brighton culture with a large and vibrant surfing community. You'll find the best breaks around the Marina, although during good conditions you're most likely to find the greatest waves at the Wedge. The West Pier is good for longboarding and during low tide it's an ideal location for beginners. If you're chasing the biggest swells Nov-Jan is generally the best time to find them in Brighton, but the summer is amazing for meeting your peers and grabbing a beer at one of the many bars, cafees and restaurants along the beach.

Travel: It only takes an hour on the train from London to Brighton station and if you prefer to drive it usually takes around i hour 30 min (55 miles)

Eastbourne, East Sussex

What we love: This is a beautiful location with great facilities and is a very popular destination for a variation of water sports. With a sheltered beach break which is best during mid tide, Eastbourne offers great surfing conditions, especially paired with a south to southwest swell. This is a good spot for both beginner as well as more experienced surfers.

Travel: A train from Central London to Eastbourne takes around 1 hour 30 min, or it takes 1 hour 50 min by car (74 miles) 

West Wittering, West Sussex

What we love: West Wittering is a naturally beautiful spot for surfing! If your looking for uncrowded waves, friendly locals and stunning surroundings, this is the place for you. Though local surf reports can be a bit unreliable, it's generally best conditions a few hours before high tide on a southwesterly swell. Expect the best waves between Sept-April and a bigger chance from crowding during the summer months.

Travel:  Coming from London, it takes around 1 hour 30 min to the nearest train station which is Chichester, and then you're about 15 mins away from the beach by taxi. Or it's a 1 hour 50 min drive (85 miles)

Joss Bay, Kent 

What we love: Joss Bay is considered the main surf spot in Kent. It has been a hub for the surfing community since the 60's and offers good surfing opportunities during all stages of the tide. The best conditions are reached in a strong northern swell though it still works on windswell from many directions. You can find both sandbars and chalk reefs generating beautiful waves making it a really fun surf beach, however do get pretty crowded on the best days.

Travel: The closest train station is Broadstairs which takes around 1 hour 20 min from Central London, then you're a 6 min taxi ride from the beach. Alternatively you it's a 1 hour 50 min drive (79 miles)

Viking Bay, Kent

What we love: Viking Bay is the main beach for the town of Broadstairs. It’s a great spot if Joss Bay is too busy. You'll want to go to the end of the harbour pier at low tide for a great longboarding wave.

Travel: 82 miles (1hr 42 minutes driving) from Central London  

Now that you know about all the surfing spots near London all that's left to do is arrange a visit. You'll find a wide range of schools on eola where you can easily book a lesson.


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