eola just closed a major funding round

by Callum Hemsley

Today is a pretty big day for eola. We have been hinting for a while now that we will have a huge, game changing announcement to make soon. On Tuesday 16th January, we signed the final document, and I can finally share the fantastic news.

We have officially closed our first major investment round 🚀🚀🚀

eola has been a labour of love from the start. Funded with our own savings, working gruelling hours from coffee shops, basements, foyers, cars and get the idea. Every day. For the past 18 months...

We have worked from some very odd places.

We have been working towards our mission to bring experiences to everyone. From the activity centres to the activity seekers.

Now, backed by Startup Funding Club and their network of angel investors, and the London Co-Investment Fund, we have secured backing to scale out our industry pioneering technology and officially launch commercially. Taking on the old giants by providing a cutting edge alternative which is far faster, simpler, and utterly seamless. Designed for businesses which depend on mobile devices in low connectivity environments. Here is a recent video we produced which about sums it up.

How it all began

Our start-up journey started out of  frustration. We have lived in the city for years, and found that we  were always talking about how we wanted to do more with our free time, get outside the city, do something something!. But it was easier said than done and more often than not we spent weekends scrolling through Netflix hunting for something we hadn’t already seen before.

After leaving our last start-ups, we decided to stop waiting for someone to fix the problem for us and do something about it.

We spent months talking to different people around the country; from business owners to potential end consumers. Pretty soon, a picture emerged of an industry which was struggling to come online effectively where most of the technology available was outdated, complex, or suited to larger enterprise businesses.

Driving around the country chatting to businesses... while developing the platform

Over the past 18 months, it has grown from some early scribbles on bits of paper to a beautiful and advanced platform with many happy businesses..

The simple 4 step flow at the heart of eola's next generation technology

We’ve gone from 2 guys in a volvo to a team of 4 (soon to be 5) and growing.

Already, our site is in the top 0.1% on the internet for site speed, with a conversion rate triple the industry average.

We also want to say thank you to our early partners.

We couldn't have reached this stage without them. Here are some of the great businesses who believed in us from day one and have gone above and beyond to help us to reach this point: Perranporth Surf School, Frangipani SUP, Edge Watersports, Saltburn Surf School, Suds Surf school, Aber Adventures, Active 360, The Kitesurf Centre.

Thank you to all those of you who have been a part of our journey so far, and we can't wait to meet those of you who are going to be joining us in the future. Every day our platform advances, regularly creating tools that are universal firsts for our industry. Help us make it the most powerful, beautiful product it can be.

Onwards and upwards.

Much love from team eola

If you want to join us on the journey, or keep up to date with our developments, we would love you to reach out to us or sign up directly, whether as an enthusiast, instructor, business owner, or just plain curious!

From left to right: Callum Hemsley, Simon George, Jaime Caballero, Dan Steele

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