Where to go donutting in the UK

by Rita Costa

Winter in the UK is a season of thrilling outdoor activities, with donutting standing out as a favourite for families and adventure seekers. Let's dive into the top spots for an unforgettable donutting experience.

Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre

Located in the scenic landscapes of Wales, Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre offers a thrilling donutting experience with its well-maintained slopes. Perfect for family outings or a day of adventure with friends, it’s a must-visit for winter fun.

Photo by Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre

Alpine Snowsports Southampton

In Southern England, Alpine Snowsports Southampton is the go-to for donutting. Safe and thrilling lanes ensure a memorable adventure for everyone looking to spice up their winter activities.

Photo by Alpine Snowsports Southampton

Chill Factore, Manchester

With the UK's longest indoor slope, Chill Factore in Manchester is ideal for donutting enthusiasts looking for a thrilling slide down snowy slopes.

Photo by Chill Factore

The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

A quick escape from London, The Snow Centre offers popular donutting sessions for all ages, making it an easy winter getaway for city residents.

Photo by The Snow Centre

Tamworth Snowdome

The UK's first full-sized indoor ski slope, Tamworth Snowdome also provides a unique donutting experience, blending skiing and donutting fun.

Photo by SnowDome

Norfolk Snowsports Club, Norwich

For those in East England, Norfolk Snowsports Club offers a dedicated donutting hill suitable for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Photo by Norfolk Snowsports Club

These destinations across the UK offer unique and exhilarating winter tubing experiences. From Cardiff's scenic slopes to Southampton's thrilling lanes, there’s something for every winter enthusiast looking to add excitement to their season.


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