10 outdoor activities to try in 2024

by Rita Costa

2024 is the year to step outside and reconnect with nature. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-filled adventures, peaceful moments in nature, or just looking to stay active while exploring the beauty of the outdoors, this list offers something for everyone.

Stand-up paddleboarding

SUP not only offers a serene way to explore various water bodies but also improves balance and core strength. It's adaptable for calm lakes or gentle ocean waves and is a great way to enjoy nature at a leisurely pace.

If you live around London, don’t miss the chance to explore the Thames from a different angle with Paddle Richmond’s SUP classes!



Archery requires focus, stability, and precision, making it an ideal outdoor activity for mental and physical discipline. It can be practiced in various settings, from archery ranges to natural environments, and caters to all skill levels.



Kayaking allows you to explore waterways up close, from quiet lakes to rushing rivers. It can be a peaceful solo activity or an exciting group adventure, and it's excellent for building upper body strength and cardiovascular fitness.



There are many options for dry ski slope skiing in the UK. These slopes are designed to mimic the conditions of snow and are perfect for learning or honing skiing skills year-round. It's an accessible way to enjoy skiing without the need for natural snow! Alpine Snowsports Southampton is a great choice for both beginners and seasoned skiers.


White Water Rafting

This thrilling activity involves navigating a raft through river rapids. It's a great way to experience the power of nature and requires teamwork, making it perfect for groups seeking adventure. Cardiff International White Water (CIWW) in Cardiff Bay is a top choice for rafting in the UK, offering both challenging rapids for the experienced and gentler flows for beginners.



Canoeing is perfect for a tranquil exploration of waterways or a challenging expedition. It's a versatile activity that can range from a peaceful paddle on a calm lake to navigating more challenging water courses.



This combines elements of surfing, windsurfing, and paragliding. It's a high-adrenaline sport that demands physical strength and coordination but offers the thrill of riding waves and air currents. If you're taking a trip to the beautiful North of Devon, make sure to stop by Nomadic Kitesurf.



Coasteering is an adventurous way to explore rocky coastal areas, involving swimming, climbing, and cliff jumping. It's a physically demanding activity that offers a unique perspective of the coastline. The UK offers some of the most breathtaking coastlines, if you find yourself in South West England make sure to go on an adventure with Trevone Bay Adventures to explore the beautiful Cornish coastline.


Outdoor yoga

Practicing yoga outdoors adds a new dimension to the experience, allowing for a deeper connection with nature. It's beneficial for both mental relaxation and physical flexibility, suitable for all levels.


Assault course

Assault courses are about overcoming physical challenges and obstacles, often in a natural environment. They're great for building strength, endurance, and teamwork skills.



Each of these activities offers a unique way to engage with the outdoors and stay active, catering to a range of interests and ability levels.

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