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by Daniel Steele has become and we have added new currency & bank options!

One of the most common requests we have had over the last few months is to make our platform available outside of the UK.

So, as of this week, we have made some big changes here at eola. Now, any businesses across the UK, Europe, and Australia can use eola. If you want to try it out, get started for free here. is now

The first big change we have made is to change our URL away from the local Quite simple, we've scrapped the .uk part of it. So, going forwards, our entire URL is just 7 characters; That means that, no matter where in the world you are, eola will appear at the top of search, and folk outside the UK will recognise it for a company that goes beyond the UK borders.

New Currencies available - € and AUS$

To support these new countries, we have introduced two additional currencies. It is now possible to list activities in GBP, Euros, or Australian Dollars. To select which currency to display your activities in, simply go into the setting tab, select the settings option, and specify your currency

If you are wondering about the ludicrously bright design here, that is the "more pizzazz" option. You can turn it on or off at will on this page, but personally, we love it.

Supporting European and Australian banks

The sign up flow is the same as for any UK business. You can link a bank account from anywhere in those new regions. All you have to do is go to the payments tab, and enter your bank details, by selecting your country from the dropdown, and entering your details in our ultra secure system.

All of your payment information is protected and encrypted, and inaccessible to even the eola team! This is thanks to our industry leading and utterly unique infrastructure, ensuring you can rest easy, knowing we will keep your key data secure.

Our main focus for now is on Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, but we would love businesses from everywhere to join us. If your country isn't supported, sign up anywhere and drop us an email.

We are super happy to introduce new currencies and countries! Our only limitation is if that country works with our main payment provider.

Using over

A few folk have asked us why we didn't go for the domain. There are a few good reasons for this. The first of those is that the owner wants $400,000 for it, which we neither have, nor would be interested in spending. Our belief is that we want to put every penny we have into making an incredibly powerful, beautiful, simple platform for all the people that love using us.

We don't believe in wasting money on things that aren't important. We are a lean team, and we plan on staying that way.

Therefore, that $400,000 - if we ever have that much - will go toward paying our team market leading salaries, and delivering the best possible product and service we can. 

The other reason for this is because it is shorter, while still having the same weight as a .com domain to search engines like Google and Bing. Years ago, having a .com domain was critical to ranking well on these platforms. Now however, they recognise domains like .co (originally .Colombia) and .io (originally .IndianOcean) as GTLDs (global top level domains). This is because so many people have used them in the past few years as global domains, that they have now been officially recognised as such.

One of the causes of this is that there are only so many .com domains available, and a lot of them are owned by domain speculators. These are people who bought up domains - sometimes decades ago- with the intent of waiting till someone wanted them, and then selling them at massive profits.

We chose .co from a long list of different interesting options, like and To us, it is short, simple, and easy - like our platform. 


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